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The first Saturday of the year and the 91st Saturday Evening Post. It is colder and windier than I like, so snuggle into a rocker with a warm blanket and grab a cuppa. There is a little something to warm it in the carafe, if you are so inclined. Let’s talk.

The M3 Blog

As irony would have it, I am unable to access the year end report which comes from WordPress. Why? I am not a member of the site. If I have not mentioned it lately, I despise all of the veiled secrecy and need for privacy from the owners of entities.

So after much hacking, working around and outright cheating, I got the information from WP since I reconnected to the WP server for statistics after No Daddy decided to discontinue my stats reporting. What was my favorite part? “If you had connected to, we would show your most popular images.” Well, duh. If I was not connected I would not have gotten the report.

After fiddling with the settings again, it still got them wrong.

It says this popular image is my most popular.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

When in fact this is the most popular image on the site.

Up at the tip top.

Up at the tip top.

Although Flash in the Pan is the most viewed page, And then there were none is the most popular post, followed very closely by one which matches both most popular images (second place) and most visits (second place) Inkedwhich is one of the most enduring posts on The M3 Blog.


Clyde is still crunching numbers on what is caught in his craw. You may see him before next Saturday if I know anything about orangs.

Happy New Year to everyone I have not seen between then and now.

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Thank you sincerely for all the time you have spent with me on The M3 Blog. You are the reason I come to the screen.

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  1. Yeah, but it’s only numbers! 🙂

    We know the true value of M3 because we keep coming back to annoy you!!! 😉

    Happy Nude Year (Damn this cold!) and lots of best wishes for 2014!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs Red!

    Prenin recently posted..Friday – Quiet Day.My Profile

  2. Numbers? They mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. You are the queen, we know this and bow to you…when are you going to change you lisence to reflect this?
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Wallowing, NotMy Profile

  3. Think quality Red. Happy New Year
    John McDevitt recently posted..2013 in reviewMy Profile

  4. I don’t have access to those reports either, but have never really tried to get them. Some of the stats are interesting, though.

  5. Fair is fair. Maybe I’m out of the loop but I don’t understand why you’d have to do battle or call it what you will, to get at the numbers. My quiet little blog coughed one up and I had no idea there was such a thing.
    A fellow from England analyzed his and it didn’t add up by the numbers. Go figure.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Heaven, Hell and PurgatoryMy Profile

  6. Ahhh yes the end of year report, now if only I could remember how to get that then I might have added it as a posting 🙁 lol

    I was thinking that it was sent to me via email but no, nothing there so my Space is either boring the pants off any passing WP skeletons or someone forgot to send me it this year, but never mind, I will get over it 🙁 lmao

    Okay rant over…

    Now where are our Fractals and are they making a come-back in 2014? 🙂 I know how popular they are so start creating some more, or else? 🙂

    Andro xxxx
    Gray Dawster recently posted..New Themes: Motif and SuitsMy Profile


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