We Are Having Puppies.

One of the questions I dreaded the most when I was pregnant, especially with the last three, was “What are you having?”

Being of ornery nature, my answer was always an upbeat, bright:

Puppies, if I am lucky!”

English: Sable Puppies

I am decorating in yellow.

Many of the benefits of knowing the sex of your child before its birth are intangible, yet very valuable. They go much deeper than saving the money wasted on decorating a room or buying a wardrobe in a socially unacceptable color. (My sons wore pink pajamas. Sue me.)


Sleeping baby

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The last trimester is plagued with little or no sleep. Obstetricians advise: If you speak and/or sing to your baby in-utero at the appointed hour, it builds a soothing bond which encourages your newborn to sleep longer, sooner and by the sound of your voice at bedtime.


If you know the sex of your child, you can call her by her name. How surprised will your pediatrician be when your 4-month-old acknowledges the calling of his name?


Knowing the sex of your child before its birth is an emotional benefit to the children.Β Older siblings can better understand the concept of little brother or sister than they do “the new baby”.

English: A young girl kisses a baby on the cheek.

Letting the fetus have its identity early can prevent the onset of jealousy over the older child no longer being the baby. Allowing the older siblings to help set up the nursery better defines the Big Brother or Big Sister role. This nurturing instinct is the basis for a stronger sibling relationship.

Get Over It

If you are the parent who wants a particular sex of child, knowing the sex before birth will ease your anxiety. Since sex can be determined before the half-way point, parents can have ample time for counseling toward their apprehensions about their child, be they the sex or otherwise.

Emotional Well-Being

This has the marked benefit for the child: Being born to well-adjusted parents, who are happy to finally have their bundle of joy.


Did you find out the sex of your baby before it was born? Why or why not?


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  1. Red, when is the book coming out? You have it all right again, as usual, great post! Here are some other issues that need to be addressed in it, –the book I mean. What if your son objects to being named Shirley? What if they don’t get over it? What if they want a new baby instead of a little brother or sister? What if who doesn’t get over what, you ask? Everybody and Everything. Would there still be the Hump between us? What will you name those cute puppies? “:))

    • I named them “Here”. It works. They all come when I say “Come here,” “Eat here,” Sleep here,” it just works.

      I think I can work your questions into a few of my upcoming posts for certain! And you know what? The hump between them stays! πŸ˜‰

  2. When is the book coming out,seriously, this is good stuff. I thought they were going to be named Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof, and Woof. It saves energy when you call them that way. My mom used to say “YOU KIDS! Supper! We were all “You Kids” “:))

    • This book is in dormancy, and I am writing from experience on topics covered in it. I will rerelease it in the spring…unless this line continues much further. Then, I will have to release it as a two-pack. πŸ™‚

  3. I always suspected that if we talk to her now and sing to her before bed she’ll benefit from it. I swear she responds seven out of ten times when my husband talks to her through my belly. I guess you really can never start too early socializing with them.

    • Truly you cannot. From the time you can feel them move, they will respond to your voice and your touch. I had a particularly annoying co-worker who insisted on touching my belly. My daughter consistently kicked, punched or elbowed him every stinking time he touched me. If she could form an opinion that strong, that early, maybe my mother was right…She fell from my nose without any genetic intervention!

      Glad to see you! Red.

  4. A nice posting Red πŸ™‚

    Androgoth XXx

  5. Yes, I tried to find out. And I would do it again. Much much better bonding for me. But then again, my whole day is thrown if I don’t get the right plan in motion, so thus could just be me!!

  6. I like your “puppies” comment. Hilarious! Some people really deserve to hear that. πŸ˜‰

    Two of my siblings were a surprise, and one was known. It was much more fun knowing. πŸ™‚ I feel like it’s harder to connect when you don’t know, but that’s just me talking about my siblings… Don’t have any of my own. πŸ™‚

    • I know, right? There was only one I did not know. It was the “old days” and we were healthy so there was no reason to find out. Ironically, we suffered under the delusion she was a boy. SURPRISE! It really changed my attitude toward knowing in advance, how I connected with my babies and how I handled telling the older children about the new additions.

      It has only been in more recent years my social circles have begun to include so many who do not have any. The majority of them are the ones I think would make the most amazing parents πŸ™‚

      Glad to see you! Red.

  7. Bear

     /  December 9, 2011

    To tell the truth I being a guy did not in fact care what any of the sex of my children…. surprised? Don’t be. All I was concerned about was if they were healthy.And thank God they were. I also talked to them and rubbed her belly and got great reactions from all of my children. Annie you never ceases to amaze me. Great article

    • I wanted them to be healthy as well. Only one, truly, was not. I liked knowing because it gave them their own name before they got here. Not like I did not know what I was going to name them 12 minutes after I delivered the last one, but…that is another post altogether. Glad to know there are still men who just want a healthy baby…not necessarily a boy baby. Red.

  8. Nope. We have 4 children and didn’t find out with any of them. This even in the face of constant pressure to find out. It would appear like we are the exception these days, not the rule. By #4 we figured, what’s the difference? I guess with each additional child the desire to know became less and less interesting. I liked being able to make the announcement each time.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..What if the sacrifice runs away?My Profile


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