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I do so love Monty Python! The sheer irreverence always challenges me to take things far less seriously than I am wont to do. Laughter is good for the soul.

And so are children.

When M3 was born, I was nearly certain I had left behind the days of parenting advice. What was I thinking?

When you have as many children as I do, it is really hard to escape questions… like:

  • Do you know what causes that?
  • How do you handle _____________?
  • Where can I find one just like yours?
  • Is there a cure for this?
  • What do you do when….

And the envelope says…

Time for more posts. Many of you have been to Ask Momma and grabbed me by the inbox. I was listening. The first time I got a question from three different people and thought, I should just copy the last email to this person, I knew it was time to put the information out where everyone could reach it.

To my childless followers and empty-nesters:

You may not want to skip all the parenting posts. You will find nuggets of savings, psychology and humor which will help you deal with other people’s children… even the adult ones.

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  1. I just wrote a post yesterday about this. Like very much!


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