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If you are past the point of having toddlers, raise your hand. Anyone have children (or grandchildren) under 5? Who has teenagers? Great! This one is all for you!

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Do not let title fool you. Taming the Terrible Twos: A Parents’ Survival Guide has something for everyone.

1. Did you know your babbling cubicle buddy (term used loosely) has a reason he does that? Did you know the same method used to make toddlers stop doing it works on adults?

2. The chapter on nutrition gives you ideas on how to make healthier foods for everyone in the house, not just the picky eaters.

3. Open communication is a core concept of this book. It works on children of all ages.

4. Controlling bad behavior is not a matter of punishment; it is a matter of understanding why the behavior happens.

5. Are you entirely sure you are teaching the right lesson? Looking at yourself from another perspective may just produce a forehead-slapping moment.

6. Even people who hate to make lists, especially to-do lists, benefit from schedules. If you missed this important lesson, you will discover how to set a schedule to your advantage.

7. Touch is one of the most important modes of communication. We often identify with loving touches, but have you ever considered biting and hair-pulling are touches? Ravel how to cure them.

8. Learn why falling down is a perfectly appropriate way to learn to take steps forward.

9. Hear heartfelt stories about how toddlerhood changes parents and grandparents when they apply the lessons they learn to their lives.

10. Did you know a toddler can teach you a thing or seven? This book will show you without being preachy.

11. See the world which passes you by in an entirely new perspective. It will make you laugh.

12. Find out it is just as terrible to have this time of a youngster’s life over as it was to have it begin.

Baker’s Dozen

13. How your toddler acts will predict how your child will act as a teenager.

You or someone you know needs Taming the Terrible Twos: A Parents’ Survival GuideIt is a great resource for pregnant women/couples as well. When you read it, come back and leave a review!

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  1. Good one Red. Would you believe that Emily is 13 and turning into a young woman. And today is Tracy’s 65th birthday. All of our toddlers and grand toddlers are growing up.
    John McDevitt recently posted..Happy Birthday Maddy and LivvyMy Profile

    • Send Tracy the very happiest of birthday wishes from the Dwyer house. Time refuses to stand still, and they all grow up. Makes for pretty memories though! Great to see you today, John.

  2. As the child is unique a one size fits all attitude , the fixed parenting demands and expectations may cause the child to rebel and not conform and be ever frustrated. Parents are too dismissive of a child’s ideas and dismissive that a child may have ideas at all.

    • A huge part of the message in this book is they are all different in their similarity. More often than not, the bad behavior is a direct result of the parent’s behavior. The only bad review this one has gotten is from someone looking for more ways to mitigate tantrums. Obviously, the broad spectrum of how to PREVENT them was not what the reader sought. Meh.

  3. That’s a lot of amazing advice for weary parents and grandparents packed between the covers! 🙂

  4. I think I need to pull this one off my shelves and reread! I know a few people I need to Tame.

    Wonderful synopsis.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Call it RainMy Profile

  5. This is a must for all would-be-parents I think, and definitely something that needs reading that’s for sure 🙂

    Have a great Thursday Red 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • From some of those who got it before the bundle of joy came along, I got word some used it to reduce the number of children they were planning. It is full of insight. 🙂 xxxx


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