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Coming out of the weekend means the Monday hangover is in full force. Time for something on the light side. I playfully nicknamed this Greeting Card Insert although its title is Thinking.

Visit The Aware Writer for tips, tricks and magnificent photos.


I thought I was walking,
But I was standing perfectly still.
The wind swept ’round me
Like a cloak drawn tight.
I gathered my thoughts,
And found you in each one.

You make the unclimbable mountain
Nothing more than a hill.
My dreams by day you fulfill
Soothing away the tumultuous night
With gentle words, a loving touch
And the warmth which rivals the sun.

Take me to the place where
In your arms I lie still.
Show me the happiness
My heart of hearts knows right.
And for the rest of our days
Shall we two be but one.




Many thanks to John McDevitt of The Aware Writer for the photo. Click it or HERE for tips, tricks and magnificent photos.

What did this poem say to you?

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  1. awarewriter

     /  December 5, 2011

    I see a woman standing alone on a high point, head thrown back, hair whipping in the wind, eyes closed and smiling — she’s found the still point within.

    Poetry can’t be analyzed with mere words Red, at least I can’t do it that way. When I read the poem, I saw the image.

    Thanks for the link. That photo is one of my all time favorites.


    • I love this photo. And I had to hunt around for it. Wow! Has it been that long? And as long as you do not mind, I will certainly troll through and snitch some more.

      And I like your analysis. To me, it means it spoke to you. Red.

      • awarewriter

         /  December 5, 2011

        Troll away Red but if you have a need or a mood let me know and I might have a few suggestions.


        • Premium. I have something in mind for next Monday, but I will sleep before then and need to be retrained 😛 Let me think about it while I am awake because right this moment, I am operating on auto-pilot. Thank you! Red.

  2. Angela Young

     /  December 5, 2011

    What did it mean to me? I don’t know, it’s way too late at night for tests:)

  3. bear

     /  December 5, 2011

    Red it speaks to me in so many ways it toucches my heart and makes my heart smile I can see the love of my life smiling at me as i approach her i see more beauty than i saw the day before i see her in a different light and i love her.

  4. bear

     /  December 5, 2011

    RED I have never reacted like this until it makes me think of the woman I love truly in a whole new light and she needs to hear and see that in what I write. It is in my heart.

  5. I agree with Bear but with my girl… hah!

  6. To me this poem is speaking about love. The woman has found someone with whom she is so content that they fill her ever thought. The love makes her feel like she can do anything or climb any mountain no matter how high. She is happy, content, and at peace and wants the love to last and the feelings be shared as one not two.

  7. I am with Rhonda entirely, with one small exception. I think that without each other, neither is complete. They complete each each other and thus – “And for the rest of our days, Shall we two be but one.”.

  8. There are so many interpretations that poetry offers one, that it is almost impossible to create the authors real meaning, but everyone that reads this delightful poetry will find their own understanding…

    I guess that it could be that this is the never-ending love for another, perhaps a dream that was never fulfilled, or one that was alive and was unexpectedly quenched, yet the wanting, the pure love and the togetherness will be everlasting.

    I rather like the thoughts of ‘Aware Writer’ as that account could also be a fitting description for this fine piece of poetry…

    Thank you for offering this wonderful posting Red
    and do have a most exquisite rest of day and evening 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Interesting blend of the desire and the fulfillment as both everlasting. It definitely has the feel of perpetuity, eh? Thank you for the compliments, Red. 😉

  9. Love, of course. After that, I’d say you left plenty of room for personal interpretation. A beautifuly written poem and very well done.

    • Why thank you, Dee. I am so glad you stopped by for a perusal. I daresay it hasn’t the passion of your Red piece, though 😉 Red.


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