It is the little things.

It has been a long week of questions and answers. One question keeps popping up.

What advice do you have?

It has taken a lot of forms.

What advice can you give a new widow?


Puppy love
There was a time before when everyday, little things mattered. They still matter.

Opening presents
The special times are not erased by the end game.

La Guardia
All of the old places hold special meaning. You will make new meaning the next time you are there. It will not replace the meaning from before, only enhance it.

What advice can you give the widow-to-be?

Live with purpose.”

Father and sons
Get together. Smile. Laugh. Take pictures… even in everyday clothes.

Daddy and preemie
Close the generation gap. Squeeze fat cheeks. Watch babies sleep.

Father and daughter
Have some fun. Release the inner child.

Fudge on your diet. Try new food. Stay for one more cup of coffee.

Family Dwyer
Kiss. Hug. Hold hands… even in public.

Daddy's dog
Do nothing. Do it together.

What advice can you give the widow a few years down the road?

Be who you have become.”

There are still places to go. You can get there.

Ply your trade. Volunteer. Contribute to your community.

Red Dwyer
Smile. Laugh. Enjoy. Love.

Dwyer wedding
Be proud of your marriage. You kept your vows. It shaped who you have become.

Widowed Blog Hop

Thank you for joining me for the March edition of the Widowed Blog Hop. Stop by and see the others on the hop. There are some really interesting people to meet who have lost husbands and wives and survived to be active bloggers, parents, grandparents, husbands and wives.

If you have not already been to The Widow’s Christian Place, stop by and say hello to Ferree for me. She bakes terrific cookies and seems to like jambalaya. Little V thinks she is great.

Killing Us Softly

Becoming the surviving spouse of cancer is not something I recommend for your bucket list, but millions of us do it every year. If you know someone who is facing a terminal illness with a spouse, send them a copy of Killing Us Softly.

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  1. Red what more could I possibly add… You said it all. and with such grace…….. Love to you and all who need advice may they find comfort in your words as they learn again to smile, laugh and love..
    Bless you
    Sue Dreamwalker recently posted..So Where Do we go from here?My Profile

  2. Yes, indeed. Beautiful.

  3. Well said Red…and well done. This advice, interestingly, might be applied in many ways to people who have been divorced. Food for thought.
    raymond alexander kukkee recently posted..Interviews: Amanda Dcosta, Rising CEOMy Profile

    • Although this particular setting is for death of a spouse, it can be applied equally to any loss.

  4. Very touching, Red. And some great advice, too.

  5. Great advice indeed. I am obviously not in that place, but I was still inspired by what you wrote here. You touch on the importance of the moment and the people making up each moment. Ultimately that is what matters. There is no time to waste!
    Derek Mansker recently posted..There are no throw away days, so make each one count!My Profile

    • Very true, Derek. With your brood still young, there is no time like the present. It is the draw of your Lego Jar. You are following this advice with them. I hope that extends to your wife as well.

  6. Dearest Red,
    I am so moved by your post and the memories here. Thank you for sharing these special moments of your life.

    Gail Thornton recently posted..Gail Thornton – Book Signing Success Story!My Profile

  7. I was reading this and i felt so much emotion – i realized at the end the blur in my eyes was not just tears welling up.. they were spilling was poignant and . .. this was a beautiful post.. hugs and love.. always..
    ♥ Lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Painting Red; From the Bright Sunny RoomMy Profile

  8. This posting will touch upon everyone’s heart; it shows outwardly the inner spirit that lives on forever, the photographs that you have chosen generate a truly loving touch and the affection soars with each one.

    You offer a connection for every person that endures such heartbreaking feelings of losing a partner through terminal illness to see beyond the hurt, and the strength that you have shared here helps the one left behind to push forwards, holding onto those memories and using them positively for a life’s continuation.

    At first this must feel impossible to envisage and yet with your own personal experiences you are helping others to feel hope and to see a future beyond the sadness.

    Thank you for sharing this Red, it is so incredibly brave and straightforwardly honest.

    Gray Dawster xxx

    • You are welcome, and thank you. It helps to know it can help others who need a dram of hope to carry on.

  9. Red, your post is full of beautiful, inspiring words; a blessing to read. You left a little something for everyone to ponder. Thanks!
    Virginia Jelinek recently posted..Diamonds in Grief’s DustMy Profile


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