We interrupt your regularly scheduled program…

We Interrupt This Program...

To everyone who has followed and nurtured and sounded off in the Strength & Weakness series, I thank you! Questions have been asked which necessitate a bit more information than I initially had on hand on a Sunday. I am still assembling something cogent to further our discussion.

If you have not been following, start here. You can find links to the next segment after the comments, which are worth reading! Feel free to comment as well.

Your regular noon post will be delayed a few hours while I finish assembling the information I need. Thank you for your patience.

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Meanwhile, visit and vote for some of the fantastic blogs in the Green Room. Vote up the ones you like! I hope you get a few giggles!

Have you made it to visit the new features in the Coffee Shoppe? Scroll on over and see who is new.

Have you posted a link to your blog there?  Well, what are you waiting for exactly? That was your personal invitation!

Until then,

The post emerged…finally. Stop by and check out Strength & Weakness: Nature.


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  1. And here I thought you were just procrastinating while admiring an old TV “Test Pattern”, Red! Can’t wait for the show to begin!

  2. It will be with you momentarily. I had to wait on a few telephone calls to get something I needed. Researching people means sometimes I have to wait for my information. And since most all of the posts here are live performances…Some of the time, we miss the post time. Red.

  3. I want the meds that you are on. How do you get so much done? I can’t keep up with you Red.


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