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  1. Hi Red… this goes on my blog, it took me a minute but it was in response to a comment on my blog to someone. Weird right?

    Well! Hello! 🙂 Nice to meet you!

    • LOL! I knew it was, er, misplaced 😉

      • Which is cool because I dont believe much in coincidence. You have an interesting blog here…

        • Leave a link to your blog in the Green Room (look in the top row of the header) so others can follow along. You may well recognize some kindred spirits there as well. Grab a cuppa and make yourself at home. 😉

          • Thank you honey 🙂 ooh Green room! Sounds tropical. LOL … OH Guess what! I’m doing a post you’ll see later, (if you have the time of course) that I took your advise and the wheels were turning and I’m going out to buy a bigger desk right now. You’ll see… I’ll post later.

            Thank you. You redirected my brain. LOL … Sage advise young lady, sage advise.

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