Wordless (After) Wednesday

Yes, I am making up for missing two months worth of these. Standard rules apply. (See yesterday’s post if you do not know how.)

Fractal Art






Fractal Art



Fractal Art

(Enlarge this one.)


Fractal Art


Fractal Art

(Enlarge this one, too.)

Thank you for playing along. After you comment, let me know if you were close to what I named them.

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Which one is your favorite? How close did you get yesterday?

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  1. What a fine collection to follow Wordless Wednesday 🙂 And here are my thoughts on these beauties 🙂

    1/ Tempting the Void
    2/ Mantra’s Journey
    3/ Crowning Glory
    4/ Kaleidoscope
    5/ Nebula Frontier

    I am enjoying your Fractals Red and as a bonus it allows everyone the freedom of choice as we gaze upon your exquisitely presented artistry 🙂

    Have fun today 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • I like you see Mantra in some of these. Little minx is everywhere. I like #3 and #5. Funny how some of the answers are so similar and some are sooooooooo different! 🙂

      • Yes I noticed some similarities after I returned to look at all the different ideas, I for one certainly like your Fractals 😉 🙂

        Have a sweet Sunday Red 🙂

        Andro xxxx


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