Wordless Wednesday

Did you enjoy last week off? Guess what is back this week… Name that fractal! No peeking. What is the first thing which comes to mind when you see them?

Go This Way


Fractal Art


Fractal Art


Fractal Art


Fractal Art

Some of my names for them scream Hallowe’en. One of them reminds me of others’ life views. One of them is a twist on a pet of sorts. One of them makes me lonely. Which one is your favorite.

The last time we had a fractal day, the names were:

  1. To Be Square
  2. Stilts
  3. Zinnia Snowglobe
  4. Nautilian Pointer
  5. Thumb War Prints

#5 was the color version of Prints Please. To Be Square reminded me of performances being good enough for government work. #3 screamed flowers to me.

My favorite was To Be Square. Your favorite was any one except Thumb War Prints. Are you going to help me pick a clear favorite this week?

Which one is your favorite? What would you name them? Do you see animals?

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  1. ?
    Microscopic life
    Lace doily
    Wheat grass in the wind
    Spider web
    Binky recently posted..Insulted WinkyMy Profile

  2. 1. Swiss Cheese
    2. Water Head
    3. Wheat
    5. Spider

    #4 doesn’t scream a name at me but it’s my favorite.
    C. Brown recently posted..InsignificantMy Profile

  3. Wow these are neat looking Fractals Red and so without any further waffling let me see what I can come up with regarding naming them 🙂

    1/ Cheese for the Wicked
    2/ Alien Skull
    3/ Crochet Perfection
    4/ Deathly Waves
    5/ Evil Web

    An assortment of ideas today Red but at least you are keeping us on our toes with these awesome Fractals 🙂 Keep adding them my sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Hey I forgot to add my favourite, which is of course number one 🙂 Cheese for the Wicked 😉 lol

      Andro xxxx

      • I know I commented elsewhere, but I am certain you have cheese on the brain. Have you been eating cheese SPAM at Wombania? 😉

        • I do like cheese and always have a generous supply in my fridge, grated cheese is my favourite as it is so versatile 🙂

          I love the mature best,
          but then I always have 😉 lmao

          Andro xxxx

          • I love the mixed cheeses. The sharp beside the creamy is nom nom. I will always have a soft spot for goat cheese. 😉

    • I laughed at #3! I have crocheted some things which looked similar to that. I am glad you liked these. I hope you like the new ones today. 😉

      • I certainly do like them, I always love viewing and commenting on your Fractals. I can see the energy that you put into them, and the designs are perfection 🙂

        NO… I am not creeping,
        just being honest okay? 😉 lol

        Andro xxxx

  4. 1. Cosmic Snail
    2. Rainbow Swimmers
    3. Tapestry
    4. Hot Air Balloons
    5. Halloween Spider

    And the favourite is #4.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – LevelMy Profile

  5. I am so late to the game, I don’t care going to play anyway.

    1. Divets
    2. Sleepytime
    3. Launch
    4. Cosmic Storm
    5. Spider Attack

    Favorite, #4
    Valentine Logar recently posted..You Can Keep ItMy Profile

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