Wordless Wednesday

Put on your creative hats. What would you name the fractals?

Red Dwyer Fractal Art


Red Dwyer Fractal Art


Red Dwyer Fractal Art


Red Dwyer Fractal Art


Red Dwyer Fractal Art

One makes me want to dance. One is geeky chic. One had a hard time getting a name.

Which one is your favorite and what would you call them?

If you tuned in last week, you shared some interesting names! My names for the fractals were:

  1. Reentry
  2. Crab Surprise
  3. Flower Blender
  4. Wolf Pack
  5. River Nymph

There was no clear favorite. Mine was River Nymph, which was the one which made me think of sprinklers. Wolf Pack made me feel like part of a group and clearly showed its animal tendencies with your names. Reentry was just as interesting upside down, but I am certain it would have had a different name turned the other way.

You can always click on the image to make it larger. Some of these have a lot of detail to see. No peeking!

What would you name the fractals, and which is your favorite? If you could be a virtuoso of any art, which would it be?

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  1. I know what I named them, but can think of five new names, just looking at them. *grins*
    Red of M3 recently posted..If Only to Throw a RockMy Profile

  2. Red,

    Okay, let’s see how I do today at following simple directions….

    1. Swamp Thing Selfie
    2. Parts is Parts
    3. Escape from Singularity Point Station
    4. Digital Bloom
    5. Brigadoon, Receding at the Speed of Light

    I think… well, no, for this, I don’t… I feel, it’s a tough choice between 1 and 3, but, 4 wins out as favorite, for its delicacy….

    I’ve always wished I had the talent to sketch, draw, or paint, such that one could actually tell what it was I’ve drawn, without having to ask…. It is rather disheartening to put my best effort into sketching a scene, then, have someone stand behind me, & say, “Those are nice colors, what is it supposed to be?”…. and, it’s a picture of a house and tree… about the two simplest, most basic forms one can draw….

    Sadly, it isn’t to be, which is why I admire visual artists so much… I guess I would settle for showing some virtuosity as a poet…. or, write a paragraph that could make someone cry, in sympathy, not in pain…


    gigoid, the dubious

    gigoid recently posted..No sweet sorrow today for YOU, slick Willie….My Profile

    • Bwahahaha! I love your name for #1. My art comes and goes (with the use of my hands, le sigh). I love digital art because I can program nearly anything. 🙂

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