Wordless Wednesday

Name the pretties.

Red Dwyer Fractal Art

Red Dwyer Fractal Art


Red Dwyer Fractal Art


Red Dwyer Julian Fractal Art

Red Dwyer Fractal Art


One is a fairy tale character. One is a cousin to another Wordless Wednesday fractal. One reminds me of childhood game.

Last Time

My names for the last fractals were:

  1. Disco Hide & Seek
  2. Splitting Wood
  3. Globe Anatomy
  4. Eye Pollen
  5. Space Ghost

#4 is a common spring complaint. Space Ghost is a twist on a cartoon. Splitting Wood is a hard chore.

Thank you for stopping by the 50th edition of WW Fractals! Which one is your favorite? What would you name them?

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  1. I have missed your Fractals Red, and these are yet another visionary feast my great friend 🙂 Okay on with the show…

    1/ Mirrored Satisfaction
    2/ Fairy Line Dance
    3/ Turtle Embryo
    4/ Landing Site Embraced
    5/ Devouring Popcorn

    I bet you are wondering where I get these ideas from but believe me it isn’t by taking mind bending drugs, it is simply focusing on the first thought and writing it down 🙂 Have a fantastic Sunday Red and enjoy everything my lovely friend 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • And such good thoughts they were! I like your names for one and three especially. Did you have a favorite?

      My Sunday was quite excellent. We celebrated Father’s Day with a hearty meal and freshly baked cookies. 🙂 xxxx

  2. 1. Wormhole
    2. Nature’s equation
    3. Orb of life
    4. Steampunk cell
    5. Dancer
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