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What a disguise!

What a disguise!

As you may or may not recall, I refer to Mantra as an incessant imp who is, more often than not, strange. For our fare tonight, I offer you something which amazed me when I got a chance to read it. Have you ever put on a disguise?

The poem, entitled Trade In, was an interesting look at life through someone else’s eye, literally and figuratively.

Perspectives change over time and are jaded or cleared by our experiences. Things huge when we were small seem dwarfed by comparison. We view age as a blank to fill in rather than the marker of “old”. Things which were a matter of life and death are now trivial and dismissed.

After examining identity very closely, I had to chalk this one up to Mantra sticking out her tongue and providing a bouquet of raspberries. So, take a stroll through a different perspective, on a quite different subject. I hope it entertains!

Trade In

There’s a hitch in my giddyup.
My givadam’s broke.
Sanity and happiness just eloped
While senility rapped at the lock.

The mirror holds a stranger,
Some old-looking bloke.
He resembles my dad in my clothes,
Without hair, quite a shock.

Maybe, I should borrow his glasses
To see through the smoke.
Use his scooter to cruise over
To smash the old clock

Who’s mocking me, blink blink blink.
I know I’m not late to the doctor’s, I go.
That time of year, oh, joy!
Check the fluids and engine once again.

Time really flies. Seems not long ago,
I was here, her noting my state.
Sweet, little thing calls me, “Sir.”
Pats my knee with a grin.

Who is she kidding? My girl looks like she,
But, you know… As of late,
She’s aging, grey hair and crow’s feet.
Perhaps, for this lass, I should trade her in.


I would appreciate your thoughts on this very novel perspective for me. Have a wonderful evening!


Talk Tuesday

Talk Tuesday

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