Perfect Fit

MantraMy sister has delved into what we choose to wear…especially when it may not fit. It reminded me of something I wrote when it was really still cold, and we were all bundled in snuggly sweaters and long pants with fluffy socks in boots. The time has come to shed all of that.

We have talked about the fun house mirror, but in this poem, the mirror tells the truth. What does the mirror say to you when you look into it? What is it you really see?

A Fresh Angle

While many of the poems on M3 come from Mantra’s perspective, much like Aging, this one comes from somewhere entirely different. Let’s take a stroll past someone else’s mirror…an honest stroll.

In the end, no matter what we see in the mirror, we can always find something which is appropriate to make our body styles look their best. Yes, even in swimwear.

The Perfect Suit

Inside the frame is a flat image,
But it is not what the world sees.
The curves and lines are wrong.

Curves appeared where lines once were.
The lines all go the other way.
When did the hair get so long?

Waist has expanded.
Arms and legs grew thick.
Crow’s feet and frown lines.
Reflection a trick?

Admirers and friends all say
There’s nothing wrong they can see.
“Perfect as you are,” say Aunt.

“Beautiful from the inside out.”
Mom cannot be trusted.
Not reassured. Not confident.

Want to run away,
But it is always here.
Cannot shed the shell,
Escape from the fear.

Then, through the glass it’s spied.
“Money’s no object!” is cried.
The fit is perfectly fine.
Shape exquisitely divine.
Color tenderly sublime.
Perfect suit for summertime.

(c) Ann Marie Dwyer


Are you already shopping for or have you already bought the perfect swim suit for this season? How much do you swim? Do you think swim suits have gotten too small? (Feel free to comment on both bikini and Speedo.) What swim suit style do you wish would disappear?

(c) Ann Marie Dwyer 2012
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    • I have never met anyone who looked like anything other than a tent in a muumuu. I do not even think sausage looks good in sausage casing.

    • Seeing all the ones which do not fit far outweighs the pain of finding one which fits…You may want to read my sister’s post!

    • That is a two-way win-win street! More swimming means less pounds. Swimming is still the absolute best exercise for the human body.

  1. Arrrgh!!! LoL!!!

    I am STILL overweight!!!

    My underwear mostly no longer fits and keeps heading south so I bought six new pairs and now I look at the mirror and I look FAT!!!

    My target weight is 98Kg – 215Lbs give or take – but I weigh 105.5Kg – 232.1Lbs so I have a long way to go! :)


    Not this year… :)

    Love and hugs!


    • But you are making progress, which is what counts. I know gobs of people who are at a fit weight who do not like the look of the shape in the mirror. You need to read my comment to Lauren! {HUGZ} Red.

    • LOL! I was shopping for suits a while ago. There are so many really pretty ones which hide so much. I think the tankini has to be one of the better inventions in the swimsuit line.

    • LOL! I think you have read one of the original SEP’s! We have already confirmed, gravity increases as we age.

  2. Well I was looking for the photograph that compliments this wonderful poem but it’s okay, maybe next time? :) ;)

    Never mind about the mirror just strip off and get into your most deliciously favoured bikini :)

    Oh yes and have
    lots of fun at the pool ;)

    Androgoth XXx

    • When I was looking for swimsuits for this year, I nearly downloaded one for this post. Just have to wait until we have the pool set in order to see those sorts of photographs ;)