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Doncha just hate the sound of a needle across a record? If you are too young to know what that means, go to the Muse for Monday. Otherwise, time for an update!


Things which I need more:

  • Time
  • First run editors
  • Time
  • Hours
  • Time


Things I have a plenty:

  • Projects
  • Almost finished projects
  • I can taste them done projects
  • What do you mean I am not finished? projects

Short & Sweet

Perhaps a macchiato would speed the process?

I am working past my rain delay of the DL. (Please send coffee.) Major progress this week with four back to beta. Seven people failed deadlines. I cannot make up their distance, so they will be in the second wave right about the holidays.

If you wanna…

  • Volunteer photos
  • Work on art
  • Work on video
  • Work on audio

Raise your hand below or in the SIB. Here’s an artistic laundry list:

  • An angel
  • An old shoe
  • A brunette (from the back)
  • A syringe
  • Wedding rings (matched set)
  • Hands (more on this later)
  • Something to go on the front of a book of poetry

If you have the last one, let me know, and I will send you some samples from the book for a better idea.


Please not this out of focus, but I do!

Whether anyone has caught onto the helpful and cooperative theme of Redmund Productions or not, ….

The theme is cooperation and help. To that end, I am asking anyone reading M3 (ever) to submit a photograph of hands. Helping hands, shaking hands (or even handshaking), writing hands, holding hands, children’s hands, hands, hands; oh, and hands.

That’s a Wrap!

Hate to post and run, but I have a burgeoning WIP folder to face. You are all aces! I am surrounded by the most creative, talented people in the blogosphere world.

PSST…Go register for a copy of Samantha’s book, Crazy Courage. The winners of Forty Grains of Black Powder, REDUCED and Building a Strategic Plan for your Life and Business will be getting their books this week. Bwahahaha! No, I am not telling you who won! *grins*

Oh, yeah…more co-op opportunities at the forum! Stop by, say hello, introduce yourself.


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  1. What an interesting posting Red, and a nice little shopping list to go with it, of which the majority of items should be very easy to collect, actually I am sure that within days your list will be overflowing with wickedly thought out ideas.

    Now of the hands selection, I believe there is one of mine within my extra pages that could be of use, though it is not too artistic of course 🙁

    As for the other ingredients, they are easy to find… Okay I will go and have a look, I might even try drawing something for you but after saying that you need your books to be successful so perhaps a real artist will be far better than anything I could offer 🙂 lol

    Have a funtastic evening now Red 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • I have searched all over and have yet to come up with your picture of hands. I recall one of another body part, but not one of hands. *grins*

  2. ok I am catching up. I will have pics galore to send when I am no longer in limbo which I almost am not 🙂 funny how timing is what it is… I will catch up to you though!
    Oh.. one more thing my friend, not even Rome was built in a day 😉
    Love and Hugs

    • LOL! Good thing I am not taking on architecture! I know you will. You have a great schedule 😉 xxx

  3. I won! I won! I won! John Hawkins’ “Building a Strategic Plan” is on top of my to read pile… if you should find a super resource for any of those things like Time, please share, will you!?!?!?

    BuddhaKat recently posted..FridayFractalFeature for a Flurry of Fetching, Fresh FinesseMy Profile

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