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Realize, I was retro-admitted as a charter member of the PRU. To support such a late nomination and subsequent acceptance, I offer this morning’s post, in all its belated glory. I will, however, redact the dates, lest you all know precisely how long this has been sitting in the draft folder. (Hangs head, clears throat, moves on.)

As always, links will open in another tab, so you can continue reading and commenting here before heading out to figure out why the places are important.

Act I is novel.

Compliments of Deb from Debbie Adams Art & Blog

Deb was showing her appreciation for the bloggers who visit and who take the spotlight at Debbie Adams’ Art & Blog. She designed this award for all of us. M3 was one of the recipients. Thank you, sweet Deb.

Why do I haunt Deb’s place? She draws some of the most amazing pictures, takes care of some fabulous Wombies, has some really cute dogs post on her blog and spends a massive amount of time promoting others. In short, it is a great place to visit. You would be remiss not to check it out.

Cat is the hug queen.

During the poll about What does your blog need?, Cat answered while the question was still a bit murky and seemed like I was asking what M3 needed. She was adamant what M3 needed was far more hugs. She designed the above for M3.

What is there at Cat’s which is a cannot-be-missed? Well, there’s art. Then, there’s poetry. Then, there is philosophy. Oh, and there is music (which is Cat’s true passion). Don’t forget there are videos scattered about. And there are more hugs than any other blog in the blogosphere.

When life hands you lemons, they are filled with love.

Dolly (as in DollyciousIrony) from All About Lemon was busy showing the love to all of those who have been hanging out at her place. Now, I have been around AAL since the first month of M3 and have watched AAL grow by leaps and bounds.

What’s so special about lemons? The art game…for all of those with a creative bent and even basic knowledge in PhotoShop or GIMP. Toothsome…vixen web comic character patterned after the adorable Dolly. The music game…testing your skills at finding lyrics and songs within a theme. And loads of other fun-to-do things and great-to-meet people.

Forever is never long enough.

Val took the time to design a new award for some of her muses. I was in very good company for this award, which went to a very small group of bloggers who inspire her to challenge preconceived ideas of what should be and embrace the idea it is perfectly fine to share, even when the poignancy comes in what is left unsaid.

What will you find at the QBG ~ Tilted Tiara? It is a journey through many things we never think about the first time, much less give a second thought. Philosophical looks at a wide range of topics from marriage to politics, even when they are based on the same concepts. There is also a candid look at the way our pasts form us into the characters we play in real life. You will find jewels in the Tiara.


Before we go any further, I want to stop and merely say Thank you, and I am humbled by your constant support. Not just the four ladies above, who go so far to make M3 a great place to work. Each and every one of you reading this post. So many of you have been here since the very early going, and still are here some 500 posts later. You make coming to the screen everyday to face the comments (and the hatemail) worth it.

For Act II, we are going to move a more traditional direction.

Nothing insecure here.

Wendy, of Wendy’s Works, revealed seven secrets and passed the One Lovely Blog award to M3. This one is special because it is a first edition. Now, if you do not remember who Wendy is, ahem, shame on you.

What is at Wendy’s Works? Well, what she is working on should be a given, but Surprise! not so much. Instead, you will find she posts the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. She addresses a lot of the things all writers face, even when they may or may not be willing to admit them.

She is also responsible for another award to M3, the Beautiful Blogger Award, M3’s second.

Beautiful Blogger Award

Love getting this one, too.

While you are there, be sure to tell her how wonderful she looks in her new profile picture. The haircut is simply lovely.

Deb also was handing out other awards whilst I was busy posting psychologically stimulating, or mindnumbing as the case may be, A to Z posts in April and whilst I was doing (apparently) something else besides award shows in May. (Here is the procrastination part.) I have a few of those I need to acknowledge.

Creative Chaos…how entirely fitting.

This award typically goes to blogs which, despite their eclectic nature, manage not to make readers run away escared of the roller coaster of topics. It helps M3 does not need a pharmacist’s license to hand out Dramamine when we take a roller coaster ride.

Sparkles and Butterflies

The Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commendment award goes to those who make at least ten comments on a blog. As some of you here can attest, I can make ten comments on a single post. (Just wait…I will call you all out by name.)

This one is one of my favorites!

I will get to all of the particulars for this one in just a bit…we are almost there.

Versatile Blogger Award

This makes really great wallpaper!

Val awarded M3 its 9th Versatile Blogger Award. This one is a secrets award as well. We may just have to forgo that in favor of something a bit more creative.


Please walk down the aisles carefully as the lights go back down for the third act. Please secure your beverages before you applaud.

Act III is not the denouement.

Enough hatemail is generated by any secret I reveal, so secrets will be completely forgotten. The 7 x 7 Award comes with specific rules. So, maybe you do get a secret… one. Since around 300 posts have joined the running for this award, you will notice a bit of difference from the last one.

Secret: I have come to realize I speak a foreign language…


Most beautiful piece: Solitude, Fairies and Mermaids was the culmination of inspiration from many different places: the blogosphere, social media, photographs and real life. Judging from some of the reactions to it, it exceeded my original choice for this designation.

Most helpful piece: Since MAD has joined the features list, this one was a bit harder to choose this time. I hit a nerve which the M3 Readers knew they could tackle and make a real difference with Stranger Next Door.

Most comical piece: All Friday Follies come with the standard Do not read this with liquid in your mouth or bladder. warning. Based on your feedback the funniest one to date has been the 10th edition… All Fake.

Most popular piece: The friendship theme to M3 has earned it quite a reputation. With more than 1,000 page views, it is still getting comments and shares. If it speaks to you, let me know. And then there were none.

Most controversial piece: I was not sure the last winner would be unseated. The irony is not lost on me it was unseated by another Saturday Evening Post, the 26th.

Most surprisingly successful piece: I posted a pet peeve of mine and never guessed how many others would go around the bend after me with Nurdles: It’s what’s for breakfast.

Most underrated piece: What You Heard Was Not What I Meant

Play Bill

The following blogs are offered their choice between the One Lovely Blog and the Beautiful Blogger awards. Choose the one you do not have. In the event you do not have either, take both:

 Cat Forsley

QBG ~ Tilted Tiara

Somkritya (Blogoversary in four days!)

The Creative Chaos and Versatile Blogger awards are passed with or without rules. These blogs will give you a good array of interesting things to find. Pick one or both.

Chatter Master

Debbie Adams Art & Blog

Running Naked With Scissors

The 7 x 7 Award goes to some I am really interested in their choices for the seven posts. Yes, these need to follow the rules.

All About Lemon

Articles of Absurdity

Wendy’s Works

(Two Private Blogs I will email the award)

The Sparkly Comment (Yes, I am taking liberty with the name.) Award goes to some of my most faithful commenters. It also comes with no rules or hoop-jumping.

(You have to knock to get into the Gothic Realm.)


Aussie Ian





Friggin’ Loon





Liquor Store Bear





(No, not me, silly.)

Spilled Ink Guy





Thank you for stopping by for the quarterly awards show. Extra thanks go to Arturo, for keeping an eye on the production. If by some chance you graced M3 with an award not listed here, please feel free to kick me in the inbox.

If you agree with my choices for the 7 x 7, let me know. As always, I welcome your comments, stars, love, likes and shares on all posts.

Hope you are starting a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,

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    XOXOXOXOXO !!!!!!
    Cat Forsley recently posted..Tranquility of Heart by Cat Forsley ©My Profile

  2. Well the day would not be complete if I didn’t leave a comment and despite exhaustion (and another M3 post yet to read) plus two deadlines to meet, I feel compelled to mention that I am not a spambot, but I feel like I’m typing like one.

    I would like to speak coherently for one moment and say thank you for the mention. You’ve got a great blog (even though some HNG in outer Mongolia thinks this is a p*rnsite) and I really like coming here to read the latest post.

    MJ Logan recently posted..For the Love of WaterMy Profile

    • You are definitely not a spambot. And you will be all refreshed after reading Friday Follies, which is what you have next on the platter! A lot like dessert, if you can scrape off the trolls! You are very welcome. Your place is a lot of fun!

  3. The sparkly comment award…well, that sounds fun. Where is my trophy? 🙂 Thanks for the mention. I enjoy commenting and also not being a spam bot. Although, I do think you should consider increasing your search engine rank.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..Stop it already!My Profile

    • Right click on it and take it away! You are very welcome. I enjoy your additions to the conversations here! I will be popping up in the rank (and up from two), but that requires more bodies through here. It may well have to wait until I am back to posting more often…unless there are more referrals to M3 than there are away from it.

  4. Thank you for my 7×7 Award Red and I will be taking a look at some of the blogs that you have mentioned here in your posting.

    You know that I don’t really follow these awards but I do recognise the brilliance of so many Spaces in and around WP indeed your M3 is most definitely amongst the Crème de la Crème contributions towards blogging that I have ever seen and good for you.

    It isn’t easy to construct a Space from scratch and be as successful as your M3 Space clearly is, however you do have a knack of making it all seem so incredibly simplistic.

    Have a wonderful weekend Red
    and thank you again for my 7×7 Award 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • You are so very welcome. Do not forget to pick up your Sparkly as well. As for making it look simplistic…I truly think it is. Not sure if that means I have a knack for something or just that I see it at its core elements. Makes me think I need to share a secret after all. Hmmm. Now, you have me thinking! Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon, Andro. I hope your weekend plans are restful and enjoyable. 😀

      • I was a bit unsure of the Sparkles and Butterflies one but thank you for that nice gesture Red and I will add it to my Awards page, it is rather pink isn’t it though? 🙁 lmao

        Have a very nice rest of day Red 🙂 😉

        Androgoth XXx

        • LOL! It is really pink. I need to design a more manly one for all the ones who come to M3 to comment. 😉

  5. What a nice tribute to these blogs!
    Christy Birmingham recently posted..Reasons to Respond To Comments on Your HubsMy Profile

    • Oh, so very good to see you today, Christy! There are quite a few here which may be new to you. I am glad for them to be seeing you as well. You have a link to PP in the Green Room, but not one to Hubpages. Why not go update your link there so others can see where you have been hiding lately? xxx

  6. Thanks for the mention, Red! Even if I am a little behind.
    Binky recently posted..The Shape of WombiesMy Profile

    • You are so very welcome. And Cat spilled the beans as to where you have been 😉

  7. The pressure.
    Thanks so much for the award. I really need to get on this.
    I look forward to going to the blogs you mentioned that I haven’t visited yet. I’m sure they will be amazing.
    O course, many I already frequent because..well…they rock.
    CONGRATS to you and all your grand awards.
    Lorre recently posted..Engaged in foreplay and I had no clue.My Profile

    • Thank you, darling. You know you deserve one, and it has been months since the Barbie fest!

  8. oh man this is hate mailers nightmare but then they do think we too have no clue of anything so..

    Red thanks you so much and hey congrats on recieveing so all the awards,you are one very deserving blogger..beautiful warm and thoughtful
    love ya 🙂

    ( have been replying in snail speed please bear with me for some time…its just that my daughters therapies started and my husbands hurt his back and is now on physiotherapy all of these together has got me super tired for anything else)
    Soma Mukherjee recently posted..The way the words hug…..My Profile

  9. Congratulations. I’m not surprised you’re inundated with awards :). And thank you as well. Angie
    Angela Young recently posted..Me? A Minister?My Profile

  1. More Awards And You Are Loved! – allaboutlemon

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