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(nearly) Wordless (after) Wednesday


Yesterday was uber blog hop day, what with the spotlight and the widow’s blog hop, so again, I missed Wordless Wednesday. Here is hoping this makes up for it!

I want to talk about titles, so it may be a good thing I missed the Wordless part of the hop.

Since this is the last Wednesday-ish before Chinese New Year, I want you to see what happened whilst I was fractaling.

Chinese New Year Fractal Art

Chinese New Year

Okay, okay. I get it. You do not see what is so Chinese New Year about it. Sure, the white circle could look like fireworks…if you squint. That is not what I am seeing. See those two bubbles with something in them? One is a…

Chinese Dragon Fractal Art

Chinese Dragon

Tilt your head just a little to the right. See him? And the other one is its own little fish bowl. Who does not love the bridge over the…

Ghost Koi Fractal Art

Ghost Koi

I adore koi, When I was a teen, my mother installed an ornamental fish pond (Who am I kidding? Daddy and I dug the hole.) off the front patio. While she had some vanilla koi, most of what she had was butterfly koi. They are the ones with the brilliant, shimmery fins, like Clio from Pinocchio.

This particular fractal reminds me of an animal I added to her pond. I got her a giant, blue-eyed plecostomus which looked like a throwback to the Mesozoic Era. He was seriously cool. Unlike aquarium plecos, he was nearly eight inches long when we put him in the pond. He had a horned back like a horseshoe crab with a big sail.


Wiki image of a similar, little guy

What is your Chinese Zodiac animal for your birth year? Do you know your element? Are you a Yin or Yang? Do you like fish anywhere besides on a plate with sauce?

© Red Dwyer 2013
Fractal images not available for distribution.
Plecostomus image via Wikipedia
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  1. those are wonderful images, Red. but the fish is a bit scary.

    my Chinese sign is Snake 🙂
    novroz recently posted..3 Comedies From 3 Countries: Unubore Deka, The Big Bang Theory and HunderbyMy Profile

  2. Lovely fractals. Love the colours but am not seeing the same things as anyone else.

    I believe I’m a dog in Chinese Zodiac.
    Tess Kann recently posted..A Matter of Taste?My Profile

  1. Full Flavor Fractals Favor Fortune… « BuddhaKat

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