First, many thanks to everyone who cast their ideas into the pool on Creatively SpeakingThe following are the concepts which came from that post married with or adjacent to the concepts which came from all other contributing sources for the concept art for Redmund Productions.

Some of the core elements which will be part of the final art for Redmund are the following:

  • The R and the P in Vivaldi  or Edwardian Script.
  • Any reference to M3 in Georgia font.
  • Print in a #4 tone or darker, when opaque.
  • RP’s predominant color is red (shade optional, prefer not Crayola).
  • M3’s predominant color is green (any shade previously shown).

Other than that, let’s let the imagination roam free. In order of appearance:

Friggin’ Loon

Common profile picture

From Beneath (click the picture)

How’s about a distorted image (fisheye) of you (or something) as though you’re looking through a peephole to our friggin souls ….

For this concept, I am willing to submit my retinal scan. My eyes have been profile pictures and illustrations on M3.

Red Tash

My suggestion is that you get a caricature of yourself done. These are […] widely accepted as an identifiable “face” for a business.”

Many of you have see Bearman’s original caricature of me. I suggested a new one having a book and a movie reel (or other identifiable motion picture industry prop). Bearman says he is up to the task when we decide the concept.


As the rocket scientist from Wombania, Binky’s suggestion was:

How about a Red rocket with “R-E-D” on it? “Rocketing you to the stars” or something.”

He includes a tagline which goes along with another suggestion yet to come. I think the rocket would need to say Redmund.

MJ Logan

Long time friend, web-building guru and M3’s first guest poster, MJ came up with this concept:

Line drawing of a coffee mug, Redmund Productions on the front in fancy, custom red type. The rising steam of the coffee makes a ghostly M3, like the bottom of the M3 is indistinct, but the top is clearly M3. Kinda like an image of a genie rising from a lamp but with the coffee mug. The green elf reclines on the top of the M3.”

This concept is a marriage of RP and M3. While I am not opposed to this as a consolidated concept between the two, I would have to insist the elf become Mantra. I do need at least one concept which marries the two entities, given RP will likely acquire M3 before I am through with the two of them.


[G]et a cartoon/caricature of your self with a cartoon strip about your blog…
Red you have a very expressive face..specially the eyes..just a eye shot and get it in cartoon format”

Soma’s concept would require some of the other artists who frequent here, like George or Tony or Peter or some of the other 2+ panel artists. I am at a loss for the script for it, though.

Lizzie Cracked

I am thinking separate ..logos, taglines that stand alone yet can be combined and compliment each other so if you are doing it all its all there..and if you are only doing this or that…”

This marriage of logos is a good thing. Similar enough to look complimentary, but distinct enough to stand alone. But Lizzie also is looking to the long term marketing of these concepts…

coffee mugs.. yea I have some more ideas there too…oh but don’t discount the foam finger.. I’m telling you..”


You’ve already built the M3 into a brand, so I’m recommending a stylized icon of it.”

This is another concept which is applicable to both RP and M3. This could go with Lizzie’s, MJ’s and others’ ideas about the brands being married. Alternatively, this concept could be similar logos which could stand alone or fit together when necessary.


Integrate the known branding. I don’t blame you for not wanting to use your ‘real’ face, but I do like Red Tash’s idea, so consider this one.”

Since her original suggestion, we have spoken extensively about me considering using my face on the concept art. While I am opposed to my face being the branding, I am less opposed to having my face appear beside the branding. Think FB timeline covers.

Spilled Ink Guy

One possibility might be, “Red Gets Noticed.” or “Red. Noticed.” or “Get Noticed. Red.” It makes me think of possible graphic elements like red carpet, red ropes, spotlights, the pop of flash bulbs… a general glamor kind of thing… Maybe a tagline in a dark or neutral classic typeface contrasted with a bright red / script / calligraphic ‘Red’… I would definitely play up ‘Red’, though… it’s short, memorable and comes with a ton of built-in association(s)”

One of the images M3 is known for is the empty stage with the spotlights (mostly due to the subject of the post and the M3 Readers who discussed it…although a larger one appears on a poem). This plays well into the Redmund Productions business. As a promoter, publicist, publisher and producer, all of the red carpet images are very fitting.

Taglines here are very important.


What about a spy glass or magnifier since you are always looking deep into our worlds…”

The magnifier is a popular theme.


Maybe a pic with your face w/ a magnifying glass over one eye ? so that beautiful eye is magnified ? I would write “SEEING RED ” a red carpet and a spotlight !”

See? Very popular.


[M]y first thought and my final thought is playing with your name: Red for “read”. Since you are promoting others with the hopes of “being read”.

  • Red all over.
  • Get Red all over.
  • Do you want to be Red all over?
  • How would you like to be Red?


The following ideas come from other sources and from me:

  • Vector art of a book, scroll and video reel
  • Stylized initials
  • Bursting (red-filled) thermometer
  • Red carpet and limousine
  • ’40s style advertising
  • Sunrise/Rising star
  • Hollywood star
  • Red fairy
  • Search light
  • Wings


The taglines mentioned above and below are the ones which have been offered.

  • Get in the spotlight
  • Red hot reps
  • Get Red. Get read.
  • Reach new heights
  • Get Red by all.
  • On the rise

If you have any further suggestions, please do sound off!


Which marketing concept appeals to you the most? What would you add or subtract from your favorite concept? What have we not thought of yet? Have we missed the boat? Let’s shoot for a top five. No one is going to get their feelings hurt. Which ones (up to five) do you think will make the biggest impact?

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  1. I have been thinking, I do that sometimes when I am not fried.

    I have decided one of the things we are missing through all this is something so fundamental to your personality is your roots. What makes you what and who you are. In part an anomaly and in part well perfectly you.

    All of the Taglines, Art and everything else would miss something that is exactly you. When I read you I hear your ‘voice’. Others might miss it. Does that make sense? Somehow whatever you do it has to also bring forward what is perfectly and uniquely you.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Prodigal DaughterMy Profile

    • I do get that. I am hoping in the final approval phases, I will be able to hear it come through.

  2. What happened to my tag “Seeing Red”?
    Bearman recently posted..Democrats and Justice RobertsMy Profile

    • I am considering that one strictly for Friday Follies. It has that sorta extra dimension to it which has enough innuendo to be perfect for FF.

  3. Don’t ask me – I have no idea!!! 🙂

    Lots of good ideas though hun! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Tuesday – A long day without sleep.My Profile

  4. I love MJs idea-it could be played with..

    I like the ‘Get red. Get read.’ too

    I’m sure it will be great.
    Angela Young recently posted..The Writers Journey: A Book BeginsMy Profile

    • I think that tagline already has the most support. I rather like it as well.

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