Double Up

Please Take One Sign

One is enough for anyone.

“Enough is as good as a feast” is one of the quotes with which I am most readily identified. Excess is not something to which I subscribe…often. Yes, say that to the hundred pairs of shoes, but I digress. I have recently been bestowed some excess which I happen to enjoy. Shall we?

An Of Course Moment

When I decided to scale back production on M3, I did not think it would be noteworthy. As surprises go, a pleasant discovery awaited me at Snapshots & Stories. As Brian is a recent follower with delightfully creative stories and interestingly lovely photography, I understood entirely why he garnered both awards, which he subsequently passed on to M3.

With all the inherent snarkiness on M3, I decided against asking Brian if he was running fever strictly on the basis he had such nice things to say about me. I am very grateful for this one, as it is the first one M3 has received. I am also grateful it comes with no do this to earn it caveat!

As a second award, both from Brian and for M3, Kreativ Blogger does come with a do this to earn it jazz which follows:

A. Plug the post where you got the award.

This is an official pingback to the Academy post at Snapshots & Stories. Stop by and learn a few things about Brian. I love the last one…immensely.

B. Give up ten secrets.

If you were around for the last one of these, the secrets should have had you scratching your head. So, I will elaborate on a few and toss in some new secrets.

1. I got the freckle by falling asleep on the beach with my eyes open.

2. Yes, it sunburned my eyeballs.

3. If given the choice between the beach and the mountains, I will always choose the beach.

4. I think if I gave courses in driver’s education, I would only pass one in 50 drivers.

Law & is a way of life.

5. Cash is named after the imaginary voices heard in the head of a criminal character in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

6. I knew what I was going to name my daughters the day their next older sister was born.

7. I only chose the middle names of my sons, who are named after the men I admire in my family tree.

8. I am currently networking for Little V’s future career in the animation industry, even though she is only seven…going on 27.

9. It took more than four hours to write this post because Mantra refused to leave me alone until I wrote three poems. This is still coming to my fingertips in rhyme, which I am having a hard time suppressing.

10. I took off three days this week.

C. Pass Along The Awards

I want to pass along the One Lovely Blog award to a few where I lurk, and smile, and share very quietly. These are the places I go when the blogpsphere is driving me mad, so I can be assured there are still some places in the virtual which are still kind and peaceful.

Susan Writes Precise

The Tale of My Heart

The Waiting

I follow many very, seriously creative blogs. These are the places I go to get the tears in my eyes represented in text slang by ROFLMAO! or WTF? Please take a few moments to run by and admire and follow and like and comment on the following blogs, which are more than I had to name because, despite my ability to do exquisitely complicated math, I cannot count.

Any Shiny Thing

Ashley Jillian

Before Morning Breaks

Boy Mom Blog

Damp Squid

Fifty-four and a Half

Kana’s Chronicles

Mom in the Muddle

Random Thoughts

Scribbling Hermit

Well, OK, so now what?

The Exception to the Rules

There are a few bloggers on the list who either do not do award shows and pass out the awards or have recently gotten one of these awards. If you are in the second category, feel free to steal the other award offered, especially if you have not gotten it yet.

If you would like to adhere to the consensus of the rules I have found for Kreativ Blogger, you should name ten other blogs, but even if you cannot muster that many, noticing a few would definitely give us all something else to discover. When you link back to M3, please do it to this post in particular, so later readers can follow the pingback to you…and I can know who is using the M3 name in vain in appreciation.

To Everyone Reading

If you have not already, please click on the Green Room and leave a link to your blog. I am going to do something special with all the blogs posted in the Green Room when the new pages begin to go up, so I do not want anyone to miss out!


Have a wonderful evening and happy reading! Congratulations to all the award winners! Remember to give 5 stars so Brian knows he chose a good one!


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  1. I’m honored, thank you! 🙂

  2. Thank you, my darling! What a compliment! And congrats to you. Your posts always inspire and make me think, truly worthy of double awards.

    • Your blog is so much fun! I think they would put me away if I started telling short people stories around here 🙂

  3. Thanks, Red. I enjoy your blog very much so Congratulations!

  4. congratulations……..:)

  5. As always, well done Red. And congrats on taking some days off!

  6. Congratulations. If your sleepometer is nearly full (your words), give it a tap like your alarm clock. That ought to fix it.

  7. You are always so gracious in recognizing other bloggers. I’m honored to receive your laughs. I think of M3 as a coffeeshop where I like to hang out. (I bring my own coffee. Can’t wait until your machine gets fixed.)

    • You know I ordered a new one, but all they sent me was a stinking catalog. Sheesh. Glad you like it around here, my sweet!

  8. Congrats Red and you need more sleep!

  9. Thank you, Red. That is one of the kindest, sweetest things anyone has ever said. Thank you, and I graciously accept this award! 🙂

  10. Glad to see the blog is still ticking over! 🙂

    Never were awards so richly deserved! 🙂

    Love and hugs!



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