The Big Ten

Julie was busy passing out awards while I was on vacation and I am just now getting to the place where I can spend seven minutes to do a post from the road. You really need to stop by The Worry Wart’s Guide to Weight, Sex & Marriage AKA How to Raise Adrenaline Starved Thrill-seekers and Still be Fat and Happy. You will see why she won the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Rules and Such

This blog award comes with the do this to qualify caveat, specifically, say ten things about myself no one should know (like I own any more secrets) and then pass it on to at least six bloggers. Although, I have had varying reports as to how many things I really need to tell you, but you have an advantage.

The First Act

Since I am staying with Big V, I enlisted her help. She instantly spat out a plethora of things to remind me about myself to share with you, so I will not even cut corners down to seven or three. She had far more than ten, but these are the ones we agreed took the cake.

1. I used to get paid to throw Hershey’s Kisses at people.

2. I have a freckle between my eyelashes and my eyeball. How is a secret for another award.

3. I used to drive a washing machine with wheels…

4. …and it had a big CB radio in it.

5. Thanks to Big V, my cell phone just told me Fatty McButter Pants in the sweetest Brit accent.

6. It is not uncommon to find one of nails pierced.

7. I once had a six year flatulence.

8. Baby bottle junk.

9. Downtown Brown

10. Instead of telling my children when they made a face, it would stick that way, I chose to tell them if they picked their noses, they would turn crazy.

The Second Act

And now for some more of my favorite blogs. Stop by and show some love. Stalk if necessary. And you can blame me in the comments, which is so much better than hatemail.

The Aware Writer

Boob Juice

Deidra Alexander’s Blog

Mummy Big Bum

One Burned Out Mama

Taking Candy From A Baby

The Third Act

While to us, giggling at her kitchen table, all of the above are perfectly reasonable facsimiles of the way things happened. If you are confused, or are in need of more information, simply comment…right after you hit the like button for the awesome blogs. And you need to give this five stars, so Worry Wart knows she picked a good one for the award.


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