Writers Spotlight: Edmond Campbell

As the morning crowd thinned, Red caught sight of a man at one of the middle tables. He looked peaceful with his eyes closed, as though he were gathering is thoughts. She made her way over to Edmond Campbell to discuss the thoughts which span from childhood into the future and the books documenting the journey.

M3: Edmond, before we get to the interview business, introduce yourself to the M3 Readers in book jacket style.

EC: Formerly Director with United Way Worldwide, Edmond Campbell is now retired and lives with his family in Alexandria, VA. Edmond was born in Warrenton, Virginia. Everything he knows and understands about his extended history came from his spiritual experiences that have happened since childhood.

M3: That had to be interesting work. Do you have anyone you would like to thank?

EC: Yes! When I submitted my first query letter to an agency concerning my book, it took them a long time to respond but I did get a letter back. Even though the letter didn’t contain the response I wanted, it served as an inspiration to move forward independently.  And, I did.

Edmond Campbell

M3: The rejection letter can be a powerful motivator. Tell me how you got your start in the publishing industry.

EC: I started from scratch. I had no idea I even wanted to write a book. I found myself putting into place all the pieces I would need to write three books. The problem I faced was finding all the writing I’d done about my visions over the years. Trying to get organized was the hardest part.

M3: Organization is not usually the strong suit of the creative mind. Do you have any bones to pick with the industry?

EC: Not really, but I would say that the best can also be found on the back shelf too; not just in front.

M3: That is very true. Having said it, do you think the traditional publishing industry looks at self-published material as inferior?

EC: No, I do not. I feel the traditional industry feels it can’t see making the money out of these books. I also feel that agents must back the books they choose, so it must meet their specific criteria, and many get passed over.

M3: Interesting perspective, Ed. How do you feel about your colleagues?

EC: The professionals that work with me to get my work produced are great.

M3: Since you do have public relations people, how important is your own social media marketing?

EC: Very important. I am learning, but still just starting in the industry. It is hard to know the next step to take.

M3: There are so many paths you can choose in the social media arena. How do you find time to write while you market?

EC: I am retired from United Way Worldwide. I work early mornings and late evenings, sometimes until the next morning. Writing is my priority now.

M3: The quiet times of the day can be very productive. Has the state of the economy changed the way you work on your writing and marketing?

EC: No, not at all. This work was given to me. I grew into the informational part of it my entire life. It’s who I am now. I grew up with everything I needed to succeed.

M3: That is a great attitude. Without the typical day job most authors have, you can focus on your writing.

EC: I do not have one, but I don’t think it matters. If writing is in your heart, you will give your best when you start to communicate in any form: a book, short story or anything else.

M3: I suspect most authors do just that. Do you schedule hiatus for yourself?

EC: Yes, but not a planned period of time. Sometimes I just stop for a day or two. I read and think about this work that’s been chosen for me, and I am thankful wherever it leads.

Edmond's Visionary Path: Past, Present and Future

M3: What do you have in the works at the moment?

EC: I have two more books to come. The second one needs to be edited. Over the years, I wrote concerning so many subjects not realizing there might be a market for them someday.

M3: How fortuitous. Why is Edmond’s Visionary Path close to your heart?

EC: There’s a man or woman sitting on the sidewalk in New York City. They watch people passing them all day and in their hearts they really want to be going someplace too. They want their lives to mean more, but the most important thing is they want someone to know who they are and that they have something to say, too. I would like to have money enough to buy a home someday, but more than that, I just want to share what has been given to me in hopes that someone gets something out of it.

M3: I am sure they will. Tell me what makes this book different from everything else in its genre.

EC: This book and the other two that will follow do and will contain visions for the future and the outcomes. I can state this because it has already happened in 1992 for a period of three years. The nineteenth and twentieth year it will start again. That’s 2012 and 2013. It’s not something I am pushing until it starts to happen.

M3:What advice can you give the newbies amongst the M3 Readers?

EC: I am a newbie! If your heart is in it you will not fail, and you can find a way to make the dream happen.

M3: That makes you the perfect person to give advice! In 15 words or less, tell the M3 Readers why they should buy your book.

EC: The words of this book are alive. The visions will talk to the reader.

M3: Excellent. I hope we see you again when your second book is available.


Dearest M3 Readers,

Please take a few moments to check out Edmond Campbell and Edmond’s Visionary Path. Visit Edmond’s blog to learn more about the author and his book. Follow him on Twitter for the latest on his upcoming books. Stop by his Facebook page and say Hello!

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  1. Interesting. I figured out the problem with the comment. When I press the “love” button, it just keeps going (the circle chasing it’s tail thing). I have to close out and come back to comment. I guess I’ll save the “love” button till last. 🙂 Good interiview and a little different from your usual. 🙂 Angie
    Angela recently posted..Just do something!My Profile

    • Red

       /  April 18, 2012

      I did not realize I had a usual! LOL! So far, we have spanned a wide gamut of authors!

      And glad you found it!

  2. It helps to know it’s never too late.
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  3. Barb

     /  April 18, 2012

    Here’s what I love about you: you ask the questions we’re all dying to know. Fascinating post.
    And that’s not all… for the Twitter and Facebook challenged you tell us how to post and share this. Thank you.
    On a different subject, I think we have hexed my subscription. I no longer get you in my email box. I was going to put you in my RSS feed, but would you rather have me follow you through the Word press site? Where would you like the statistic to show up?

    • Red

       /  April 19, 2012

      No problem, Barb. I think I have it fixed. You should get an email from me each evening at 2000 EST. I only send email once a day because I post so many I do not want to flood the inbox. If you do not get one tonight, let me know and I will see what else we can do. 😉

  4. Ann Marie – believe me, your usual is like no one else’s. I just meant, oh, I don’t know what I meant lol.
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  5. Wonderful interview as always!

  6. My favourite part here is when Edmond says that writers will succeed if they have passion for what they are doing. I am impressed he has two more books to come! Great interview.
    Christy Birmingham recently posted..Friendship Is A WorldMy Profile

    • Red

       /  April 20, 2012

      Thanks for stopping by, Christy! He really has a terrific outlook!


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