Flash in the Pan

The campfire cracked and popped. “I knew that pine was too green. Should’ve picked up more of the mesquite. The venison is going to taste funny.”

“Oh, just turn the spit.” Conrad wondered for the hundredth time why he brought Kelsey along.

“The spit is getting hot,” Kelsey whined. Conrad crawled into the tent and bundled into a sleeping bag with his new magazine.

“Do you smell that?” Kelsey squinted to see in the darkness. “Something out there is on fire.”

Conrad stuck his head out of the tent. The wind shifted and blew smoke in his eyes. His vision blurred in a haze.

When it cleared, he realized he was at home in his bedroom, and the smoke was pouring in around the door.


Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

125 words is the upper limit for November. This Thanksgiving edition comes in on the money. The word for this week is fire

If you are playing along for Flash in the Pan, or would like to join for the first time, visit the Flash in the Pan page to learn how to be a part of the second edition of FTP. Are you choosing more nouns or verbs?

Happy Flashing!


Do you camp? Do you like flame-cooked food? Have you ever been as close as Conrad to a fire?

What is your favorite preparation for turkey? Does your family celebrate with “traditional” Thanksgiving food?

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  1. But what happened to the venison?

    Nicely done Red, even if the roast did get burnt.

    MJ Logan recently posted..LightMy Profile

  2. Oh! This one caught me by surprise. And horror. One of my worst fears!
    C. Brown recently posted..I’m Not God….My Profile

    • And with due cause, Colleen. House fires are the worst. *Grins* I was hoping the ending would be a surprise. Great to see you today!

  3. Oh…that’s scary!! House on fire is the scariest thing I can imagine. Trying to save everything important and hope we make it out.

    You know…my worst nightmare is leaving the house empty and and somehow caught in fire and noone’s home to save my helpless baby turtles 🙁

    • I was glad we were not home when our house burnt. I would have been more destroyed had any of the animals died.

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