Flash in the Pan

The chloroform wore off sometime after 25,000 feet. Bound and gagged, Castellanos blinked to acclimate to the dank darkness.

All of his chickens had come home to roost when MacGregor had found him hidden in the closet. He hoped he had time for the full novena. He preferred to die in the forward luggage compartment than from the impact after the ejection.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

In just 61 words, this flash features the word forward. August carries the word limit of 75. We are bustling toward the deadline with more than 80 flashes on board for Finding the Path. Are you moving in the same direction with us? No need to be bashful! We have a new crew of flashers this quarter.

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Why was Castellanos in the closet? What else had he done to deserve MacGregor’s wrath? Is being in a luggage hold a way to overcome one’s fear of flying?

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