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In theory, doctors are meant to help patients get well, be well and stay well. There are always notable exceptions.

Mantra fireMantra despises the doctor’s office because it is an alleged sterile environment without much in the way of inspiration, scenery and, in more cases than not, human interaction. The perfunctory nature of questions and answers, especially those which do not change, is lacklustre.

Couple the blah environment with a provider without care, compassion, concern or any semblance of bedside manner and Mantra grows horns. In this particular case, she chose jet propulsion for a little poem called Drug Rocket. Settle in for a bumpy ride to the doctor’s office.

Drug Rocket

Today, temper is a huge rocket-mounted nuclear warhead.
The fallout will be far more toxic than radioactive.
The in-flight timer is ticking, destination to be announced.

Wrapped in the uniform you chose to make you look professional,
The misshapen body beneath is indicative of your greed.
The more you patronize, the more someone blows the train whistle,

Warns unsuspecting patients of passionless hypocrisy.
Superiority complex fills the room where your slightness can’t.
Condescension is your specialty, minor in conspiracy.

Medical license is signed in blood of patients who came before.
Your service is still incomplete while funds are available.
See you again in two weeks, after enough time to earn some more.

Not anymore. Clinic is closed; you’ve practiced enough to master
The science of amputating wallets from the dying without
Showing mercy for pain, panic or patient, since you don’t bother

With the outdated notion of bedside manner; it is so cliché
To care about the suffering which gives you the chance to remain
In an office with a hound at your feet; Hygiene be damned, you say.

When EOD comes to the site, your skeleton will not be found.
Bones ground in fury by those you accuse of stealing your honey:
Drug rep samples for the needy, shot before you’re out on the town.

You see, not every patient who ever came to call was like you,
An addicted fox with the prescription key to the henhouse door.
Enjoy Hades’ wares. You’re too high to know they are all placebo.


How do you feel about drug reps leaving samples with doctors? Should doctors be required to submit to routine drug tests? When should medical licenses be revoked?

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  1. I like this one a lot Red and I know what you mean about the doctors surgery, it is usually far too unwelcoming for the average patient 🙁

    I hope that your Monday evening is without Trolls or any of those Inconsiderate Doctors…

    Andro xxxx

  2. Tell us what you really think about doctors!

    The medicine in medical care has become much too prominent, with too many doctors getting incentives from the drug companies.
    Binky recently posted..Launch Pad LunaticsMy Profile

  3. I think drug reps should be outlawed because the doctors don’t even know what they are prescribing anymore. This poem has my sentiments when I think of a time when I should have filed a malpractice suit against a prescribing doc for giving me a drug which had clear warnings on its advertisements (not the bottle or literature with it) that it could paralyze me. It did, in the middle of a major airport while I was boarding the plane. Luckily I had a friend with me who took care of me for two weeks at our destination. Thank you, Mantraxxx
    Gail Thornton recently posted..An Interview with Poet Laurie ChildreeMy Profile

    • That reminds me of the nurse who nearly killed my grandmother. Had my mother not know the effects of the drug, it would have been a tragic end to a routine surgery.

  4. Thank God things are different here in the UK!!! 🙁

    Not that the NHS is perfect!

    Dr. Shipman was addicted to prescription medication and murdered hundreds of patients with heroin, so we’ve had our problem doctors!!!

    Love and hugs!

    Prenin recently posted..Monday – Medication dayMy Profile

  5. The drs who truly care about their patients..listen and do whats best for them even if it is mot the standard protocal. To me a dr. Who never challenges the system. Waivers from the path only prescribes the drugs of his favorite rep.. is t a dr. And yes. Why shouldn’t rhey be subjected to drug tests same as everyone else.. great poem.
    Much love
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..As if Birds With the Freaky Eyebrows Weren’t Enough… Now It’s Candy, and I am a SUCKER!My Profile

    • I think it is beyond disturbing someone with 12 years education in medicine would take the advice of salesmen with no pharmaceutical education.

  6. I’ve met some gods of medicine, doctors and nurses, who can hardly bear to touch you, let alone talk to you like you’re a human. I’ve seen vets with better bedside manner. I suppose some go in for the prestige of being called Doctor.

    On the other hand, I’ve met some who are saints. I wonder if its our times and overwork, which produce callous manners, or the need to distance from personal involvement.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – LeftMy Profile

    • I find this in nearly every field. Those who are altruistic derive satisfaction from the work and are less likely to feel as though those they serve should be grateful they bother. Even ppl with blunted ppl skills can have a way with the public when they enjoy their occupations.

      In this particular case, overwork is hardly on the menu. In truth, the doctor saw very few patients on that day or any other. xxx

  7. Were I there I would beat him within an inch of his life with his very own stethoscope. Well done my dear, well done.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Nouns ImproperlyMy Profile

    • If she had a stethoscope (as in cared about her patient’s health), I may have. She was not so well-prepared. xxx


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