Flash in the Pan

She was desperate to know where they were going this late and crept out of the drive behind them.

Michelle was certain she had been this way before, but as the rain pelted the windscreen, she could hardly see the road. In the pitch dark, she was only feeling her way along.

When the headlamps of the massive truck cut through the wall of water, she swerved to the right. The truck driver jackknifed the rig to miss her.

All the coroner’s report listed as cause of death was “MVA involving tractor-trailer and motorcycle”.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

This week’s feature word is right. The last week in July already and it marks the last of the 100-word upper limit for Flash in the Pan. Just under, this flash comes in at 94 words. Be on the lookout for a Hot Flash before we swerve into the words for August and the new word limit.

If you have not stopped by the FTP page, this would be a great time! More than 50 flashes are already entered for spots in Finding the Path. Are you flashing yet? What are you waiting for to begin?

Only a few days left to grab the first three editions of FTP while they are still on sale before Flashes from the Bistro releases.

Who was she following? Why would she get on a motorcycle in those conditions?

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  1. So many threads appear in so few words, it hardly seems possible, Red! That’s why I like these flashes.
    Who Michelle was following though is another mystery… could it be that those she was following led her to where THEY didn’t expect that outcome… hmmm…
    Here’s my interpretation of a tale featuring the word ‘right’… http://wp.me/pVkLb-1KQ
    Tom recently posted..Right On!My Profile

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