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Hatemail logoWouldn’t you know it? First series back after being missing for months and the stupidest inbox in the blogosphere loads up with candidates for the much awaited return of the (abbreviated) 52 edition of the Friday Follies. Standard warnings apply: all liquid out of reach.

While I had many vying for position in this post, we are going to examine a group who missed the (short) bus together when reading If Only to Throw a Rock.

Poetry Confusion memeIn Title Only

Open up the Friday Follies tab beneath the header, and you will find no less than 20 instances of people who never get past the title. Phyllis is just such a person. What did the pride of Topeka have to say?

Why dos anybody need to learn how to throw rocks? Arent there enough people out there making life hard for other folks. You dont have to tell somebody else how to do it.”

I really thought there would be a reference to putting someone’s eye out. Want to lay odds she lives in a glass house? I did.

You really would like the post if you read it. I give links to sites where you can buy foam rocks specifically designed for throwing in the house with no chance of breaking anything.

I think her glazier will be perturbed at the loss of business.

Anatomy & Biology

Jesse was quick to tell me I had flunked a few science classes in middle school with his hatemail from Minnesota.

There are lots of peple that live with no mind but nobody can live without a heart. why you think doctors do transplants?”

Yes, I sat and blinked a few times before I penned this quick retort.

How long were you on the waiting list to become a statistic for both?

You know how I love statistics.

cash-money.jpgToo Poor

Apparently, some of my hatemailers made it to the end of the post. Specifically, Taren made it to the last paragraph. Hatemailing from Idaho, with a median income of $45,489 per annum, Taren was quick to tell me I want doing it wrong.

Why are you b****ing? It’s called change.org. Just send them some money and STFU.”

Any chance she could have had a starring role in When under the heading of “pride”? Chances are good she falls into first heading in this post.

Oh, cool! Throwing money around is so much easier. Where is their donate button? All I can find are petitions. Where is yours?

I want to sign the one which makes the SIB auto-eject hatemailers.

Thank you for joining me for the 52nd edition of the Friday Follies brought to you from the stupidest inbox in the blogosphere! Have a great weekend!

Fill in the blank: Internet readers are so ____________ they only read the headlines and think they know the whole story.

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  1. Red,

    You’re right… it ate my comment; since I don’t remember what I wrote, I’ll just say this…

    For the blank space in the question…. “frank and earnest”

    I know, it’s not quite sequitor, but, whattyawant from me, twice? Brilliance, for me, is a hit and miss proposition, so, let’s not push our luck, ‘kay? ‘Kay!

    Oh, and the Love button again told me “Wrong answer format” and took a point away from me… (I guess that’s what it meant, when it also said, after the word format, “-1”, and offered me an OK button to get out of the pop-up… Once OK is clicked, it goes away, but, the button just sits there, thinking about it, without changing the number…

    Sorry, still some broken code, eh?…. Ah well, at least it LOOKS good…. 😉

    I’ll come back later, to see if this all got squared away… but, I’ll miss that old comment, that got lost somewhere between the old server, and this one…. it was a dandy, I’m sure, though I can’t remember a word of it….


    gigoid, the dubiously content


    • Meh. I do that all the time. I see a response to a comment, and I have to go back to look to see what in the world I said. See my other comment about the button. 😛

  2. Hmm…. NOW, the button works… go figure….


    gigoid recently posted..Polly frigging HATES crackers!…..My Profile

    • It has been perturbed with the moving and shuffling lately. Since its cache has been moved and emptied, it should behave better. 🙂

  3. Haters gonna hate. That is the rule. Stupid is a birth defect, they cannot help themselves. I wonder though, how do they make their way here?


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