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Friday Follies: Good Deeds Edition

No good deed goes unpunished. For some reason, being a humanitarian is just not quite enough. For the 53rd edition of the Friday Follies, please put all projectiles out of reach for the duration of the post. Put all liquids out of reach. Truly. The stupidest inbox in the blogosphere is dubiously open.

Heart Follies

Wouldn’t you know it? First series back after being missing for months and the stupidest inbox in the blogosphere loads up with candidates for the much awaited return of the (abbreviated) 52 edition of the Friday Follies. Standard warnings apply: all liquid out of reach.

Haughty, Psychic, Medical Follies

For the return of the Friday Follies, in its 50th edition, we are embarking on a new twist: Hatemail from those who are psychic and who should well know the meanings before they read the words. Standard rules apply. Drink out of reach of the screen.

Friday Follies: White Meat Edition

Apparently, The M3 Blog is a spam magnet. Perhaps, an illustrated example will make this a little clearer.

Muse for Monday

Dead Brain Cells

Someone would like to light fire to the Internet. Is there a firefighter in the house? Ugh. Really? Perhaps, we can get one on call?