Back to M3 Roots

One of the staples which fell by the wayside after the A to Z Challenge were series. Instead, we settled into a rhythm of features. It is time to come home.

What was the question?

Always with the questions…

To get us in the mood, let’s begin with a staple…the poll. Think about the question and choose your (up to) top three answers. If one of your top is not listed, check other and tell me what it is.

As you should imagine…this is headed somewhere. Stay tuned. In M3 tradition, Red is full of questions.


If you have no idea about polls, stop by The Office (top menu bar). Some of your favorite M3 Players are rehearsing for the new adventure.

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  1. Voted
    Bearman recently posted..Bill Clinton Speaks at DNCMy Profile

  2. could be any or all or combintion? I would have put all of the above as my other choice cept my reason wasnt above and I don;t like the victim one… in a way they might go together tho.. but I prefer it as ..oh nevermind I am now going to confuse myself.. so I don;t like the victim one and added an other..
    Lizzie 🙂
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Magpie’s TreasureMy Profile

    • The victim one is the one I like the least. Unfortunately, it is one of the answers for a reason… <3

  3. Interesting.

    The pole parallels some of my own thinking of late…

    Still: I voted! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Sunday – The writing continues apace…My Profile


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