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Back to M3 Roots

What was the question?

One of the staples which fell by the wayside after the A to Z Challenge were series. Instead, we settled into a rhythm of features. It is time to come home.

Saturday Evening Post

There is not much to report in the way of M3 News this week, but there is quite a bit Clyde has to say. This week, my Wednesday idea was not derailed. Grab a cuppa and settle into a rocker. We will only be a few moments.

The Blogvelope Says…

After a few results were added because the question was interpreted as “What does M3 need?”, the poll revealed what you really want to hear about when it comes to making your blog bigger or better. Did your answers match the top three results?

Write, write, write…

You have endured the poll not changing for more than three weeks. Your patience has been duly noted. Sincerely, I hope this new direction will be a stimulating departure from the distraction. The answers were far different than may have expected.

You are totally different!

If you have been around here for more than a week, you know M3 is out to pick your brain. This week was no different. Well, that is not entirely true. What was picked from your brain was utterly different from the brain pickings from elsewhere. If you are still holding onto your brain, get […]