Mantra and The Blues

Mantra fireWhat happens when the fiery fae decides to tackle prose? The blues.

The Blues is like nothing Mantra has penned before, excepting only she chose a subject removed from my life. It was not born in pencil, instead via Crackberry. It was not verse, metered or free. It was not convenient; driving is not conducive to tablet use. It was not instantaneous; it developed over the course of a week. It was not cloistered; it lay open to roving eyes before it was finished.

Today, it is yours. Listen. Have you heard The Blues?


We spend our lives in pursuit of things and activities which chase the blues from our rafters. Every now and then, we take the blues down to parade them before our people. It is a walk of shame. Each step a defining moment where someone’s actions led us to a choice. We hope our people take the responsibility for the choice out of love or shame or guilt. In the end, the dance is a solo performance. The soulful sounds strum empathetic or sympathetic chords, yet cannot convey conviction for our choices to anyone else.

No one takes a hand when it is a shaking fist, blame splashing off the knuckles. No one strokes a head when it is a wagging spout, spraying venom on all ears. No one holds a body close when it runs away, shirking responsibility for itself. No one carries a load when it is brimming full, spilling threats and blame.

Beethoven's 5th symphony.

The pat on the hand and the shake of the head are the only outward signs anyone is listening to the mournful melody. If the lyrics are clear, it is an operatic mystery, sung in a foreign language. The emotion rings true even though the staccato rhythm beneath is out of time. The audience knows enough to pick the out of tune instruments.

No encore demanded. How can this be? How do they not want to hear the rest of the album? The prelude of intrigue and the crescendo leading to the climax of a lifetime.

howling wolfThere is the rub. It is the third release of the same songs. Instead of the life-changing hit they cling to, it is merely the cover of the same old routine. It may as well be named Wolf! For truly, it is an unending chorus of lament without the depth to be other than cacophonous disharmony.

Still, the one-man band plays the blues for you. Are you the arranger, guilty of setting the chain of events in motion? Are you the composer, dreamer who dreamt the omen of this performance? Are you the producer, ensuring the finest instruments play? Are you the promoter, driving hapless audiences to toss coins in the violin case? Are you the audience, listening night after night to the discordant sound? Are you the band, belting out nauseous music in hope an agent will discover your pain and release you from your prison of staffs?

Be careful the agent’s case does not hold a Gatling gun. You never know how deep blues resonate.

Are you in the cast?

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  1. First, love the two together they are so very good King of Blues indeed.

    I am all of the above at one time or another, I think we all are or can be. I think we sometimes choose our role and at other times we have the role chosen for us. It is an ebb and flow.
    valentine logar recently posted..Winter Flash – DerangedMy Profile

    • I think those who cast others are often unaware the role they play in the scene. We all have the capacity to be most of the characters. xxx

  2. I have to be honest and say that I am not a lover of the Blues but I certainly like your posting Red 🙂

    Have a lovely Thursday 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  3. I like BB King and the Blues. Sometimes.
    There is a time for everything. In my life now neither the blues nor any other emotional trap owns me. I don’t say I am immune, but I have orchestrated my life so I am not stuck in the blues. Should we cross paths, I’ll deal with it and move on up. 😉
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – LevelMy Profile

    • What a wonderful attitude, Tess. I appreciate the blues for knowing my life could be so much worse than it is. xxx

  4. Gail Thornton

     /  March 28, 2015

    I am and have been all of the above. I love the music, it sings to my heart of tears. Right now I am the composer, belting out the chords of sadness on my finely tuned piano. Loving the black keys as an integral part of my song. It’s an old familiar place, but one I am not quite so comfortable with anymore. I came here for guidance, Mantra you leave me with questions. You’ve always been great at holding the mirror up to my soul.

    Sweet and low,


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