Prompt: In My Next Life…

In my next life, I will be…

A salaried sleeper

A salaried sleeper


Will you join me on a Month of Prompts? Grab the picture. Link to the page. It will be a fun ride!

What would you be in your next life?

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  1. I think in my next life, I’d like to live on another planet; being human wouldn’t be a necessity. I’m actually pretty tired of this one, and, for that matter, pretty tired of humans, who don’t seem to be able to figure out their own selves very well…. aside from the very few with whom I communicate….

    Karma, however, may have other plans, in which case, I’m counting on coming back as a starfish, or other invertebrate…. SIGH….

    gigoid, the karmically burdened…

    • Brilliant. I would love to have another planet!! I would be willing to come back as an inanimate object if it would work. IJS

  2. I’d like to come back to be with a family who didn’t beat and abuse their children, have a family of my own and live to see my great grandchildren! 🙂

    Love and hugs my friend! 🙂



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