On a day when I really had no intention of posting, despite the eight drafts in my WIP folder, I got an email I simply could not pass. It was about you.

checkboxLinkedIn is one of the social networks where I have a relatively good following and network with professionals around the world in a number of different fields. I have had the pleasure of working with some powerhouse entrepreneurs and corporations during my career. My recommendations are coveted as a result.

While I rarely ask for recommendations, even in reciprocity, I have had many. I still get them. Some are a shock. I never realize how I influence people until someone tells me. (What a redundant statement: You never know until you learn.)

Generally, I am oblivious beyond the immediate result of our project. We get a store profitable; we finish an election; we win a client’s case; we publish a book. That I see. It is the personal effect and the corporate ripples from those projects which surprises me. It means I am still influencing corporate culture outside my own companies.

What about me?

You play a part in that. Today, I received one of those stock emails you never really expect. The M3 Blog has come a long way in its first year. When I renewed my hosting this week, I even bought it a new domain: TheM3Blog.com

Roman for million.

Roman for million.

M3 has seen a few million viewers. We are currently heading toward the four-millionth page view. Considering Internet statistics, The M3 Blog is influential. Numbers are cold and boring. They give accountants a bad name for having no personality.

When people, flesh and blood (FAB) people, take their time to publicly acknowledge M3, I literally blush. Shy smile, dipped chin, lowered eyes, rosy cheeks, blush. Can you imagine my reaction to this?

LinkedIn Blogging Endorsement

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If The M3 Blog is a part of your world corporately or personally, connect with me on LinkedIn. To everyone who has endorsed me, my sincerest gratitude.

I tell you. Still, it sounds so inadequate. You are the reason I come to the screen everyday. Thank you.

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  1. Astounding, Red! Congratulations. M3 works because YOU work so hard. Well earned!
    raymond alexander kukkee recently posted..Writing Life: Progress & Planning for Writer’s BlockMy Profile

    • I am so excited! Sometimes the SIB does produce gold! Thank you for all your help, Ray.

  2. Congrats, Red! Well earned!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! (caps intended) amazing wonderful superb and (exclamatory explicative) awesome.. Im proud of you..proud to know you and …and….this is very cool beans.. 🙂
    much love ♥
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Gazing at the MoonMy Profile

    • Thank you for all your help, Lizzie! And I would not have edited out the expletive 😉 <3

  4. awe..LLIZZIE….why didn’t I think of that! “:)……. I forgot to add “cool beans”….but it IS cool beans and HOT NEWS too! “:))) Way to go, RED !

  5. Congratulations, Red! The blogosphere is IMMENSE! Top 1% billing is IMMENSE! A Meteor of a Blog! With you the white tail driving it behind. I am so proud of you Red, will definitely share every sharing option open! I am proud to be a part of your success.

    Love and Many More Accolades!
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Winter Flash in the Pan – Available Now!My Profile

  6. We will, Red, this is really hot!

  7. I’m SO EXCITED for you! And definitely not surprised, but happy, elated, proud and know that soon you will be part of the .01% (you know, if that track it!) Cheers to you and your amazingness!

  8. Well that’s a really nice feather in your cap! Congratulations!
    Binky recently posted..Reality TVMy Profile

  9. It is about time that you were recognised on a higher pedestal and you thoroughly deserve this honour 🙂

    Well done Red…

  10. I dont have a linkedin, but when I do, I will!
    enchantedseashells recently posted..Don’t Worry, Martin Scorsese, I’m not a threat to your career…for nowMy Profile


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