Day 8: Who’s hungry?


Makes me see…

I have made more than my fair share of jokes about people who share what they had for breakfast on social media. How ironic is it one of the posts in this challenge is What did you eat today?

I have a relatively non-existent diet. I have never measured time by meals and frankly do not foresee a time when I will. Time is measured in pots of coffee. No, that does not explain my lack of solid food, thank you for playing.


In a country where artificial sweeteners are as prevalent as citric acid, I am in an über-minority. I have an overactive pancreas (among other organs I am loath to remove). Without a relatively constant source of glucose input, I get cold, tired and listless. My sugar tends to peak around 90. The lowest I have ever caught it was 40. (The doctor rounded up.)

The fact phenylketonurics put me into a coma makes the choice between sugar and sweetener a non-starter.

Extra Large Coffee CupWhile fruit and vegetables are good choices for me to supply the sugar, I would quickly shrink down to nothing. I know. I have done it. Given my secondary profession as a coffee drinker (as witnessed by the size of my cup), I lightly sugar my coffee.

This mimics an intravenous drip of sugar all day. Since my blood glucose level rarely drops low enough to trigger hunger sensations, I rarely eat before my stomach sounds like an approaching thunderstorm. At which point, I am hard pressed to remember the last time or food I have eaten.

Then, I am still unlikely to have any desire whatsoever for a meal, as my stomach is filled with liquid. Even cooking for others, I have little inclination to eat what I have cooked.

Short List

Breakfast: None

Lunch: Granola bar

Dinner: Asparagus, beets and water chestnuts

Dessert: Peach

All in total, not a bad day for my stomach. Around 500 calories from food and another 300 from coffee/sugar. From emerging research, it means I will live an additional 5-10 years. Not so sure that is a good thing, come to think of it.

Do you set your watch by a meal clock? Are you a calorie counter or do you eat until you are full? Are you a coffee fanatic?

(Writers need not answer the last question. Everyone knows it is a qualification.)

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  1. Hungry tells me what time it is. I drink black coffee all day, which keeps my head out of the fridge. I am not enticed by sweets although in my younger days, I loved to bake but then I had to eat it too and frozen, made cookies taste better.

    I sit on my butt so much, I try to keep track of my calories–somewhat. My knees aren’t elastic anymore so I am mindful of not gaining too much.

    Don’t go to Facebook much, so didn’t know the highlight of the day is posting breakfast menus.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Meet a Forum Volunteer: Lorraine MurphyMy Profile

    • I sit on my far too much. I think it is better that I am never hungry, although it does catch up with me once in a while… like now.

  2. Since Chris and I have been watching PBS cooking shows, and learning to cook, we eat better than we used to. Fish, veggies, quinoa, rice, chicken (no skin), occasional homemade veggie pizza (whole wheat crust), occasional thin spaghetti with fresh garlic on toasted butter bread. Breakfast is either hot cereal or free range eggs with artisan bread. Coffee for breakfast, juice or almond milk for lunch, spring water for supper. Green tea in winter. Apple or orange for supper. Homemade veggie soup in winter.
    That said, I have to admit, his biggest weakness is cookies (and nuts), mine is Hershey’s Nuggets (no nuts). To liven up our Spartan meals, we indulge in Breyers vanilla, homemade fudge (when available), Lila’s coconut cake (1/4), and sorbets from Aldi’s.
    These are our usuals. Our UNusuals are licorice All-Sorts and Wine Gums, when our Wombie Gang don’t get to those first.

    • I adore Nuggets, but the ones with almonds. I mostly eat veggies, but every once in a while just outright crave steak, preferably raw. And then, a prompt bag of wine gums. xxx

  3. Hi Red. I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life but counting calories doesn’t really work for me. I USED to drink a LOT of coffee but since I got sick (emphysema and presently a lung infection that likes me too much to leave) and bottled water has become my drink of choice. I am losing weight right now, but I am not trying to. I eat when I’m hungry (a couple of times a day). And just for the record, I never post what I eat, drink, or the waste I dispose of. I mean…who really wants to know that?
    Wendy Reid recently posted..Book Giveaway and Author PollMy Profile

    • I have no earthly idea, which is what makes me scratch my head when I see it on social media. Now, a picture of a beautiful meal, maybe. A status with what was on your plate makes me wonder… I could not drink water if I wanted to… xxx

  4. I do not count calories at this point, as it has never been an issue. I do pay attention to what I eat because I realize that at some point things do start to matter. As far as coffee goes, I drink my fair share black, of course.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..Sports Should Not Be Life And DeathMy Profile

    • Eventually it does. Paying attention now puts you ahead of the curve. Great to see you, Derek.

      • Just this past weekend one of my wife’s uncles literally collapsed and died with no warning. He was 55. It is assumed it was his heart because of the family’s history. It does show the importance of paying attention because it does catch up. In his case it did not end well.
        Derek Mansker recently posted..Plans Held Loosely Before God Are The Only Plans NeededMy Profile

        • I know many. Recently, there has been a rash of heart attacks amongst my Quaints from 40-65. Living hard in our twenties is more taxing than any of us thought.

  5. How are you alive woman?
    It goes without saying…..Coffee Drinker. I count calories only when I really workout and I’m figuring calories burned vs. taken in, but normally I just eat or don’t eat when I remember or feel like it.
    Lorre Lyons recently posted..Ruminating The RumorsMy Profile

  6. I’m not much of a calorie counter either…I eat when my head gets light and my brain stops working….however, I have found that my brain works significantly better with less food and more coffee. An MD once told me (when I was about 28) he thought I was perhaps an undiagnosed case of ADD since my focus, thought process and ability to exist nicely within society increased with an increase in stimulants (i.e. coffee). Who knows. All I know is I live for coffee (with some milk and sugar, mind you) and struggle (i.e. never) to turn down chocolate chip cookies. On the other hand, I have a recent obsession with Kale chips….unexplainable since I rarely enjoy salty foods.
    Candy recently posted..Happy Birthday to MeMy Profile

    • Kale chips are the bomb. Kiddles will do them in stints. Those and soft pretzels are my salt monsters. xxx

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