What is proper?

marypoppins45 tea party“A tea party on the ceiling. I ask you, a tea party on the ceiling?” Well, what say you?

The world is fraught with those who will quickly stand up and tell you how to think and act, despite their own behavior behind closed doors. For this question, let’s close the door.

If two people are comfortable enough in their own skins to be in nothing but skin during their non-sexual interaction, is it a matter for scrutiny?


Provided the interaction occurs indoors and out of the direct presence of minors or in the confines, indoors or out, of a regulated adult facility (nudist camp, adult club) there is no legal prohibition to adults interacting in the nude which research into this topic discovered.

Well, that was a short post.


Minnesota RocksInside the glass societal house, the first rock which gets thrown is “inappropriate”. For some reason, American society in particular believes all persons should be clothed when outside a locked bathroom where cleansing is to occur unless under covers with another consenting nude person. American culture still pokes fun at and frowns upon those who do not wear undergarments (a post for another day).

As Americans fancy irony as much as alleged decorum, the drapes in the glass house are made from fabric depicting nudes, which hang between antique canvases of nudes, which hang over desks whose drawers are stuffed with magazines and videos filled with nudity. So, why is all of that nudity appropriate? It is make believe.

We all know that is a lie.

The next rock society throws is “sex”. In 2014, people are still convinced the only thing two people can do whilst nude is have sex. (Deliberate pause for effect.)

If you can think of more than a handful of things you can (not would… CAN) do in the nude, raise your hand.

Another lie.

One more rock society throws is “Nudity is indecent.” Let’s have a personal anecdote.

In my youth, I took I trip with a girlfriend and some friends of hers to another state to go tubing down a lazy river on one of the friend’s family property. Along the way, we doffed our swimwear to absorb some sun on a sandbar and splash about in the water. We climbed back on on tubes and floated down the river a few more miles.

At our next stop, we all stopped, dressed, cooked, ate, got back in the water and tubed down to the end point. Where we were to meet the bus which would take us back to our vehicles, we met a sheriff’s deputy who would take only my girlfriend and me to jail for indecent exposure.

light bar

The following morning when we came before the judge, we were willing to plead guilty to the charge, pay our fines and find a way 150 miles home, since our ride had left us behind. The judge would have no part of it. None.

The complainant was a dour young lady who stood with pursed lips and hand on hip beside the prosecutor. The judge, with a completely straight face, asked the prosecutor to produce evidence what the complainant had seen was indecent. Silence settled in the courtroom when his gavel pounded out the tittering whispers.

The prosecutor stuttered and fumbled for words. The judge reissued his demand. The prosecutor managed to shout, “They were nude!”

The judge turned to my friend and me and issued one order, “Please show the Court how you were dressed.” Without a word, my friend and I removed our clothes to the amusement of the gallery. The prosecutor objected.

Justification to Avoid Judgment

The judge overruled. His words were clear, calm and final. “There is nothing wrong with the human body. These are two fine examples of the human body. Your complainant overlooked two other equally fine examples of the human body to punish the two she thought looked better than hers. The law applies equally to all, and I refuse to apply it capriciously to the benefit of those who cannot keep their personal affairs in order while they are trespassing and poaching on private property. This case is dismissed with prejudice. Until such time as you can prove to me there is something indecent about the human body in the state in which it enters this world, you will not bring another case like this before me.

“Thank you, young ladies for your time and inconvenience. See the deputies for a ride home.”

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Since nudity is a matter of taste and comfort, why does society seek to impose on others? Are you comfortable in the nude with certain company? Did you enter the world nude?

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  1. Grant Helms

     /  July 1, 2014

    As I sit here in the nude, I am contemplating this issue. I know where the thoughts arise and because of that fact I say to the gawkers or instigators “F**K Off!!”. As I well know, many great conversations have been carried on in the nude. Sitting in the tub for hours, sipping wine and sharing close personal time talking. No sex involved. I suppose some are so ashamed of their own bodies that they feel they must impose upon others. They are busy bodies with nothing better to do. Maybe they should try it sometime. And yes, I entered the world nude. Just like everyone else. Except for all the hair which has decided that vacate residence as I grew older. Thanks for this post Red. Hugs!!

    • OK now I’m picturing you naked with a bottle of blackberry wine. How you doing?
      Laurie recently posted..Reality Hits at Odd TimesMy Profile

      • Grant Helms

         /  July 1, 2014

        I’m doing okay. Thanks for asking. Just for you I grabbed the bottle of wine so the picture would be right, lol. Take care Laurie.

    • I agree if more ppl would try it there would be far less brouhaha over it. Sadly, it goes to shame, which is a topic for another discussion.

  2. It is a wonderful feeling to be so close to someone.

    Red, I do believe you’d strip for the judge to this day just to prove a point.

    Amazing perspective.
    Laurie recently posted..Reality Hits at Odd TimesMy Profile

  3. Red,

    Good one…. the word “proper” has no meaning in the real world; it is only in the minds of men (or women) it has any relevance at all to reality…. It’s a choice made by those who are more interested in other people’s affairs than they are in regulating their own lives…

    Great story, and where are the judges like that now?….

    Ned, aka gigoid

    gigoid recently posted..Savory, succulent sausages slowly simmering…..My Profile

    • I wish by far there were more judges with such sense. This world would be a far less litigious place were it so. So very good to see you Ned. Blessed be, brother. xxx

  4. No one should ever be nude. It is completely unnatural.
    Binky recently posted..100 Percent FreeMy Profile

    • Just because you wear a fur coat everywhere is no reason to condemn us hairless folks. 😛

  5. I cannot stand busybodies. Mind your own business, keep it in your own and there will be less strive in our world.

    Whose business is it if I want to do my housework naked? Hmm. Peeking in my windows, I see. Which one of us is in the wrong?
    Tess recently posted..100-Word Challenge for Grown-ups – Week #139My Profile

    • Isn’t it funny how the ones with the wagging tongues all had to be in the wrong to get the goods? Bwahahaha

  6. “When I come in my house
    “Who’s that cat went out my back door?
    “He left my back door runnin’
    “I thought it was the garbage can.
    “One leg in his britches,
    “The other one is his hand”

    Peg Leg Sam Jackson — “Whos That Left Here While Ago” from Kickin’ It

    Love your story Red. Make a great song.

    Bed clothes? Huh? People actually get dressed for bed? I love sleeping in my skin. I don’t parade around naked because I get cold.

    I remember way back when I had long hair. One night my girlfriend and I walked into my sister’s living room full of people. We were almost naked (I was wearing boots and a leather belt). The cliche was cool.
    John McDevitt recently posted..Back to the Horsepistol (again)My Profile


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