Fast Forward

Ever and always.

After what has been a complete loss of a day to the software which powers this blog, you are in for tomorrow evening’s post tonight. It is Mantra’s outcry to the thousands of words I was writing in the books. She was quite impish about the fact so stinking little of it rhymed, was lyric, could be classified as free verse or any other incarnation of poetry.

This is not, I repeat NOT, about writer’s block or the general malaise which strikes writers. It is something different entirely. Yet, it is also not a brand of hatemail for the forum which is preventing so many from viewing and commenting on blogs. (Today, that included M3. Ugh.) No, it is a totally different place, yet, I have a feeling if you have not been there, you have seen someone go there. Let’s go for a trip.


Swimming in an alphabet ocean.
Buoyed by punctuation.
Tossed off course by formatting,
But watching the upload lighthouse.
Words crash onto the sandy page,
And semicolon crabs crawl out.
Asterisk starfish and comma shells
Are treasures the tide can’t delete.

Question mark squid spills ink
The blue sea sponge won’t pencil.
A shark fin line breaks a school
Of HTML jellyfish, varied in size…
From tiny six to the header one.
Just six more page number buoys
Before stowing the manuscript and
Hoisting the cover art sail.

Barracuda agent gives an inbox call.
He’s hauling in tuna with a trawl,
Casting his holey net on the Web
And offering plankton for each copy sold.
Book review winds gust and die down.
Kindles and Nooks signalling SOS
‘Til the SS Ebook moors in the harbor
And the author makes the first sale.



Have you ever been information overloaded and caught in the mechanics of what you write? It is the writing or the platform which makes you turn into the great white of the genre?

PS If you have gotten a 500 error, it is attached to the WP log in. Page back and try your comment again. Most times, I am encountering them in the back room, yet, the cgi is properly configured. WP is sending your identity to M3 incorrectly. Ugh. If it has happened to you, please do let me know. Email is fine, too, but comments here make it more a WP issue.
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  1. I like this one Red… very often, I’m tossed off course by formatting!
    Tom recently posted..EmbraceMy Profile

    • This one was really fun. I have days when I am certain the planets are aligned such that pictures will never format properly…

  2. As always, a very nice piece
    of writing my great friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


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