So, Maybe It Is A Porn Site

In its chill embrace/A dream awaits

In M3’s 250th post, we are going to take a very large detour. No construction barrels or barricades were harmed in the making of this post.

Do you recall The Night Scene? Click on the link, since it will open in another window. You may just need to see it to understand what is to follow. And you may need to sit down before we get to the end.

Complete Change Of Tune

There are at least four posts decrying M3’s status as a porn site. Yet, there was one allusion-ridden poem which belies the sheepskin wrapper swaddling the wolf.


There is no discounting the consensus the poem represented divorce and remarriage or death and rebirth. Both allusions were clearly on the surface. The former, at least to the poet, more than the latter, but both were clear. The inference of the death of the body and rebirth of the soul is comforting in the last lines.

Also on the more obvious side, though not quite as much, was the fear of the poem: The fear of what lay beyond the darkness of closed eyes and doors and in the silence.

One of the underlying currents of The Night Scene was only brought in the comments by a single person: Raymond Alexander Kukkee.

Mayhap, a reread is in order.

Less Cryptic

Tonight’s poem is far less entangled and overly layered. I say overly because nothing I pen is solely as it appears on the surface. Nothing.

The most obvious theme is apparent in its subject, setting, rhythm and possibly its title: Quickening. The underlying question? Is this a dream?

Trees wave naked branches…


The gathering nightshade beckons with
cricket trills.
Trees wave naked branches
bent in windy chills.
Your mind swirls the moonlight ’round,
dreaming thrills.

Glittery eyes lock yours.
You place your hand in the palm.
Lips tremble voiceless words
As the melody hides the beat.

Bodies close, breath warm on skin.
Fingers trail from ear to chest
Without pause, tender along the neck,
Reaching for the quickening pulse within.

The silence broken only by breaths,
rapid and deep.
Desire, long dormant, unleashed
in love to steep.
The soul mate’s  passionate attention
ensnared to keep.



Was it real? Is it a fantasy or a memory?

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  1. I’m not sure what the reblogging feature is about. You can press a blog if you want – isn’t that the same thing? What does the original writer get if someone reblogs them?

    Poem – beautiful, but no brain cells for interpretation tonight. I will let it stand as just what it is – a lovely poem.

    • I was not able to get it to function, but not sure if the prohibition exists for reblogging your own material. I am trying an experiment with another blogger to see what the deal really is and who it works.

      Thank you, Angie!

  2. I would love it if this was a fantasy that became real and is now a great memory. How about that?

  3. Ted

     /  February 10, 2012

    This has been a fantasy for me for most of my life. Recently however I have had the good fortune to make it a reality. To explain a little I am now in a relationship with a lady I graduated high school with. We did not know each other then (35 years ago) and wonder what it might have been if we had. I am a firm believer that people come into our lives for specific reasons. I also know that I am not the same person I was 35 years ago. We all learn from life’s experiences. It is unlikely that the two of us would have gotten along then the way we do today. I tell you all of this to say I don’t want it to become a memory. I want it to stay a reality for all the days that I have left. Thanks for the great poem Red it really touched me and brought some clarity to my feelings.

    • I am glad it did. We have been discussing discovery and self-realization for most of this week. Change takes some time, but in the end, it is a good thing to change. Congrats on finding your lady, even if it took you a while to get to her.

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