Today is one of those snooze button days. I absolutely will not be rushed today. I am comfortable, wound up in the comforter, snuggled into my pillows (yes, plural). The children are quietly building and destroying wooden block towers. I am certain I could raise my voice, and they would stop. It is not worth it.

After all, they are being quiet in their own way. At least I am not hearing the dump truck in the living room. (Wonders again why the Tonka is in the house. Oh, yeah. I like it. It is just like the one I had growing up.)

At some point, I suppose I should get out of the bed. Maybe check my email. Maybe write something fabulously brilliant a publisher will trip on at my blog and not be able to live without for longer than the time to make an electronic transfer to my account. Maybe contemplate the laundry (for certainly, I shall not do it). Maybe watch a video which does not have animation. Rendering, yes; animation, no.

Maybe I just want to read a book, as I have five or six (hundred). Maybe go to the store for a gallon of milk. (Better make that two. They go through it so fast.) Maybe curl up on the couch and play Old Maid with Little V. Maybe get in the tub and stay all day.

Maybe make gumbo. Or jambalaya. Or cheesecake. Maybe crochet until my fingers say, No more. Maybe paint my toenails blue. Or green. Or orange.


Perhaps, I shall build a roaring fire to sit beside and drink strawberry mocha cappuccino. Or perch my tablet on my lap to draw until my fingerprints are stained and dry in the chalk. Or scribble in the notebook until the pencil is dull. Or play with the dog until her tongue hangs out.

Just maybe, I should turn off the ringing tele and enjoy the quiet for just a while longer.

You know? I think that is a wonderful idea. Adieu.

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