Muse For Monday

Heart of Smoke

Tonight’s poem is simply entitled Smoke. Tell me if it is as simple as it sounds. Better still, tell me if it is true. Enjoy.


The smoke curls between the flames.
Warmth radiates, engulfing my body,
But leaving my mind in a chill.

Love is always a fire, smoldering or ablaze,
Wrapping lovers in a warm embrace
While their needs and desires it fulfills.

Once it is through, the ashes blow away,
And the hearts love has consumed leave
Behind the acrid smoke I smell still.


© Red Dwyer 2011-2012
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  1. What about love lost? It’s all gone to ashes . . ?

  2. A Darkly Desire Perhaps? This is very nice and has a mouth-wateringly intrinsic feel to it, almost a wish for the craving to be repeated over and over again… Yes I like this one a lot…

    Have a wonderful evening Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I believe your analysis is the first which does not reside solely on one side of the fence. How very interesting. Red.

      • That is why the deliciousness of the moment
        is so excitingly exquisite as it is for both to enjoy…

        Have a fun rest of evening Red 🙂

        Androgoth XXx


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