Into the Sunset

Ever have one of those days all you want to do is get away? We all have. So, what is it you like to do when it is time to get away?

For me, it is the open road. I like to snag the nearest Interstate and head that way.

As the miles fall away, the wind whips whatever is stuck in my craw out through the ends of my hair. The breeze is fresh on my skin. It blows the cobwebs out of the brain.

In a week where deadlines loom large, it is easy to get caught up. The to do list seems unending. The cacophony of tasks all clamoring to be the most important.

Mantra was right there to remind me where it is I find the calm with a little poem called Speed.


Speed is also a large warning. See for yourself.


Leather under my fingertips,
Supple. Run my palms along it.
Wrapped around me like second skin.
The wanton perfume I drink in.

Close my eyes. Feel the power
Surging. Daring me to tame it.
The quiet roar of the throttle.
Whoosh! Genie out of the bottle.

Asphalt fades into smooth concrete.
Swaying. Hug the curves beneath it.
Low in. High out. Accelerate.
Yes, still power to generate.

Wind to the red line, the engine
Whining. The limit. I pushed it.
Popped clutch. Quick shift. Bigger gear.
Another roar I long to hear.

Open road beckons be followed.
Cruising. Wind whips out cares with it.
Speakers blare forgotten lyrics.
Road heat creating gremlin tricks.

Tires squeal in protest with smoke
Curling. Roll leaves road behind it.
End over end. Then fiery blast.
My first taste of speed is my last.



What is the warning Mantra is trying to convey? Do you enjoy the open road? Do you have a need for speed? Have you survived an MVA (motor vehicle accident)?

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  1. ouch now that ending was bad…how many times i have seeen a badly crashed vehicle at the road side telling the sad horrifying story of some one who chose speed over life

    Having said that i have to confess i used to drive at a very high speed before i got married…i dont anymore, i dont please dont scold me i am very careful. now .

    that poem is one of the best reads and Red can you make a poster with that poem..what a beautiful way to spread the message
    Soma Mukherjee recently posted..A Story Straight from kangaroo’s pouchMy Profile

    • I inherited a lead foot from my grandmother. While I rarely drive over 100mph (160kmph) these days, it is more because I carry my children wherever I go. I have always loved speed. No wonder I am engaged to a hobbyist race car driver/pilot. Our playtime is filled with adrenaline activities. All of the children have it as well, but I have tried to foster in them things like amusement park rides, free fall activities (skydiving), water activities (skiing, parasailing)…we all have it. Even the little ones. My youngest son prefers coasters in the dark. He likes the blind curves 😉 No denying that one is mine.

      Do feel free to share this one with your people…xxx

  2. YARN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 OH WOW ……..
    That’s beautiful 🙂
    Have a good Night Red xoxoxo
    Lots of treats waiting for you in Wombania …..
    To make you laugh xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Love love love xoxoxoxo
    Cat Forsley recently posted..What Do You Say Heart ? Cat Forsley ©My Profile

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