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What is there about wolves which make them believe we do not notice how their wool coats hang funny?

Mantra has had her fill lately of wolves in sheep’s clothing. One predator moved her to words, the rhyming kind she sings so well.

Join her on a turn at the rumor mill with a little number called Record KeeperYou will see this short one in her newest book, due out at the beginning of the year.

Record Keeper

Vestiges of rumors still fly by more than a pants’ seat.
The skeletal remains are recognizable by more than
Forensic pathology. What’s your degree?
How can you be qualified to judge the truth
Clothed in your sheepish finest?

Saliva strings dangle from fangs at the salacious slander.
What began as a fecal whiff is now dessert you serve
On your bone china with your best coffee.
Entertaining your masses with what only you
Can know as trustworthiest.

The flock of sheep whose attention you pander
To varying degrees, tolerate the tripe knowing of your
Lupine heritage because they can see
You reach for them only when you have exhausted
The ones who are the closest.

Your dreams of going in the record as the historian
Of all things pertinent and interesting
Will need to have a footnote or three
About how your true skill was exaggerating
Your role in the minutiae’s driest.


Mantra in the Moonlight

Mantra in the Moonlight

The contents of Mantra’s new (as yet unnamed) book are a varied lot. The shortest have been posted to M3, which is why her offerings here have been sparse. Hardly any are truly short enough for the web. I hope you join her for a new romp through the poetic.

Have you known this wolf? How do you slay it?

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  1. If you have gotten this far and cannot see the spambot box just under the Post Comment button, please refresh your page. Some are still having trouble getting a fresh page. There is a crumbled cookie in your cache.

    If you are signed in to M3, you will not see a spambot box because the cookie reader knows you are allowed on the lawn. Sign in RIGHT HERE.

  2. I have know this wolf well. I am moving soon, and will be away from two of them. Slay them? I do as I want and please and ignore them, knowing my own truth. I do not care what rumors are spread about me or because of me or in my name. Neither of these have had the courage to take me on face to face. They are small and the sheep are fond of flocking, the wolf is a solitary
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Prose – A Flawed LifeMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a dear friend!

    I always see the spambot checkbox when I post, if that’s what you’re talking about.
    Binky recently posted..Polite Garbage BinMy Profile

    • The kind of friends which make you appreciate the honor of enemies. It seems some the WP users cannot leave comments, and it may be spreading.

  4. You slay this wolf by blurting out their truths, every ugly one of them. It’s the only way to stop the cycle.
    Laurie recently posted..All Things Being UnequalMy Profile

  5. Hi hun! 🙂

    Thanks for the assist!!! 🙂

    I’ve survived the wolf pack and everything bad that was said about me and now they have moved on to other victims.

    Like it or not, right or wrong, the Wolves still need to feed on the innocent… 🙁

    Love and hugs!

    Prenin recently posted..Monday – A trip to the Co-Op.My Profile

  6. “There is a crumbled cookie in your cache.”

    This would be a nicer message to see from other places, rather than the “cannot load page” that I usually get.

    As for wolves, it’s too bad that such a magnificent animal has long been placed in the role of a bad guy. There’s nothing more inspiring that a lone wolf howl that escalates into a tribal song.

    • I do everything in my power to not blame my visitors for what is wrong technologically. Most of the time, they have not done a single thing to cause the problem.

      The wolves around me mostly have two feet. The four-legged variety like the deer in my yard. 😉

  7. To slay this wolf. One must first think like this wolf. Spend time getting close the when the moment is right. A silver bullet to the back of the head.
    JB recently posted..THE CLEAN UP PHASEMy Profile

  8. I don’t see the spambox check so I will see if this works.
    Bearman recently posted..I Was For the WarMy Profile

  9. The rumormongers are little more than sheep themselves, caught in a web of deceit, willingly led along by unseen chains to the slaughter. Their wolf is self-importance and insecurity. They die alone and untended, their final moments a desperate cry for attention.
    MJ Logan recently posted..Basic Campfire Building is an Adventure SkillMy Profile

  10. I have missed Mantra, truly. Wolves, do they ever really fool us? I think we fool ourselves instead, blindly going forward for love or need.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Fall Flash 13My Profile


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