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What do I see?

Sometimes, no matter how much effort we expend, objects in the mirror are precisely as they appear. No, they are not seen at an 85° down angle. They are blunt, frontal, unadulterated.

I do not mean…

Stop Sign

Any utterance prefaced with a caveat such as “I don’t mean to hurt your feelings” or “I’m sorry. I do not mean to be rude, but…” should be spoken without it.

Prompt: Invent an Appliance

Greek delta symbol of change

One would think since I hate to mop, I would want to invent a machine to do it for me. That would be an assumption. Consider this my beauty pageant world peace speech.

Dear Saved File

File Folders Free Clipart

We all have completely different filing methods which should, theoretically, work the same.

Chemically Speaking

In case you were not aware,