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Red Road Trip Bus

Red is going to be popping up all over the blogosphere soon. Get on the bus and see where she is headed. Dates and times will be updated as they are scheduled. If you have already missed a date, stop by and say hello. Click the event to see where Red is going to be.


If you would like more information about an event, please use the Ask Momma form. All times are listed in EDT (GMT -4). If you would like to schedule an interview or book signing with Red, contact the Author Liaison on the RedmundPro Contact Us page.

Widow’s Christian Place: Ferree asks about sequels, coping and long term goals.

Running Naked With Scissors: Red sits for a portrait, pet playdate and blue periods.

Gail Thornton’s World about parenting, toddlers and cube farms.

QBG ~ Tilted Tiara: Writers Corner about genre-jumping, publishing and pet peeves

How the Cookie Crumbles about friends and DIY manuals.

The M3 Blog: Interview about Darkness Introduced

The M3 Blog: Interview about Killing Us Softly

The M3 Blog: Interview about Mantra for a Muse

The M3 Blog: Interview about Taming the Terrible Twos

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  2. Saturday Evening Post | The M3 Blog

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