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‘Tis another Saturday come to call. Another week I knew by Wednesday what I wanted to write. Another derailing. Fill your cuppa, but hold tight to it. Clyde has a big, fast swerve planned. He will not be waiting for a lot of silly M3 news, either.

This week was reaping a lot of what is sown. There were days when my inbox was busier than M3. The days I get mired there and not out to visit across the blogosphere really shows on the statistics page. What can I say? This was a week where I was far too ill to be sitting at the screen, and the few times I did, I paid a heavy price.

Many thanks to the search engines for proving Searching… was right on the money. Problem with search traffic, at least for M3, is strangers who come calling do not often leave more than a spam or a hatemail. Good for an audition to be a maroon architect, but not so much when it comes to real comments.

More heartfelt thanks to the M3 Readers for all of your sweet comments on Bear’s post. I was profuse in my gratitude to him for letting you know I was not ignoring you.


Being out of commission as much as I have been lately, I have not recruited for the Writer’s Spotlight for next month. It is already the 10th, and I have, let’s see, umm, no one. If you are or know of an author who would like to squirm under my Q-beam sit for an interview, please do step into the inbox. Don’t mind the crazies. They do not bite. Often.

Right turn, Clyde.

I am also looking for anyone who would be willing to do a guest post. No restrictions. Okay, well, that is not entirely true. The rules still apply. No expletives. No politics. No religion. Other than that… sky is the limit. Or I can give you an idea or eight.

Right Turn, Clyde

I want to talk about vermin. There are a lot of vermin in our lives. Mine, included. For example…

Crab. Pubic louse. STD.

This is what I consider all the hatemailers. They make intimate places uncomfortable in that annoying sort of way which do not leave long lasting damage as long as you poison or remove the little monsters sooner than later.

Black Rat.

Typical vulgar rat. While they make terrific pets if you have them on purpose, they are another breed of vermin. I have these as well. They are the people in your life who come only for what they can take from you. They feed on your hospitality, charity, compassion, goodhearted nature and leave behind nothing but unusable (and non-recyclable) trash, urine and droppings for you to clean.


Pigeons. Long kept for companions and messengers, this breed of dove is another vermin. They come into your life during periods of bounty. They are stupid enough to eat until their gullets are so full their chests split open. When people in your life are pigeons, they expect you to save them from their own stupidity.

Roach. Water beetle. Palmetto bug.

Roaches. Although some cultures like them fried, I prefer them dead. This is the vermin which waits until your back is turned to eat you out of house and home, ruin what they leave behind, bring disease to eat away at your life and occasionally bite you in your sleep. When the dawn breaks, they scurry away hoping you are none the wiser for their participation.


Ticks. These blood suckers serve no purpose other than being a food source for nit-picking animals, a small predator group. Meanwhile, they are content to bury their heads into your flesh (soul) and suck until their bodies are huge and engorged with your blood (life force). When you finally remove them, sometimes you find they have left a crippling disease where your soul once was.

Black Widow Spider.

Black widow spider. This vermin climbs into your life, using your position, influence and/or resources to gain better standing. Then, it spins a web in your home, invading your space. When you attempt to eject it, be careful… it bites. That bite can be fatal to your occupation, other relationships and possibly to you. One thing does die for certain… your relationship with it. In some cases, the spider is left with more than you.

Vermin Killers.

For the first time, the advice is not environmentally friendly.

Poison them all. Remove the vermin from your life. All of them. Stop being a victim. Take no prisoners.

Do not fall for the cute and cuddly routine either. Squirrels are rats with furry tails. You have them…they are kin to you. Even family can be a vermin infestation. They need to go as well. If you cannot bring yourself to mousetrap them, put them in an aquarium, where you can see them, but do not have to deal with their messes in all areas of your life.

Vermin are not friends. They are self-serving to the point of being poisonous to you.

Better to be alone than have only vermin for company.

I hope you have had a restful Saturday and have plans to enjoy tomorrow. Until next time,

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Can you identify any of the vermin above in your life? Do you know how to exterminate them? Can you see why being friends with vermin is bad for you psychologically? 

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  1. Nice analogies. Can I identify them? probably. I just would rather eradicate them. That picture of the tick is creeping me out. There are a lot of ticks on the Cape and when you see one that large you have real problems.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..Nehemiah 3 – Leadership Invites TeamworkMy Profile

    • For me, seeing one at all is too much. I despise vermin at all levels…the kind with a lot of legs or merely two legs.

  2. There is a part of me that wanted to giggle all the way through and name names.

    Have I told you lately I adore you my sister!
    Valentine Logar recently posted..The Past..My Profile

    • Red

       /  June 11, 2012

      I did rather well not to post human faces with the titles…

  3. lol those are some cute friends i would love to have in another planet…
    i love cockroches dead and miles away from me
    Hmm the pigeons,ticks and rochaes in the life…
    Soma Mukherjee recently posted..Hello It’s MeMy Profile

  4. Wow…..I recognize them all. I’m shocked that my life hasn’t fallen to pieces from all the infestation.
    I have a few ideas, but they would all land me in prison.
    I am happy to say, I have rid my life of them all….at least…..I hope so.
    Lorre recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: If you mean “my” words.My Profile

    • Red

       /  June 13, 2012

      I have come to understand the value of a contract exterminator.

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