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Ace of Spades

Were the world only black and white, my heart would be pitch, so it would stand in stark contrast to the self-righteous white mind. (If the only thought which came to mind was race, do not read any further. This post is not for you.)

Saturday Evening Post

Warner Brothers The Wizard of Oz

Normally, the SEP is a break from the action for news and commentary from the week. Not this Saturday. Grab a cuppa. The strong stuff is on the table. Snuggle into a rocker. You might even want a blanket. Let’s talk.

Muse for Monday

Mantra has been shaking the lantern in a fashion very unlike before. While the content is vaguely similar, the form is completely alien.

If Only to Throw a Rock

When one loses function of a limb, even for a brief time, and the use returns, it is alien. The same can be said of organs.


If preventing heart attack, heart disease and stroke were as easy as A-B-C, would you make the lifestyle changes which could save your life? A: Avoid Tobacco, Stress and More Cigarette smokers develop heart disease four times more often than non-smokers. If you live with someone who smokes, your risk of heart disease, heart attack […]