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Writers Spotlight: Andrea Trask

The morning’s scones were golden triangles, perfectly balanced with with orange and cranberries. A sweet perfume was pervasive in the café long before the oven’s timer beeped. Red dropped her oven mitts in the basket and went out to see what sweetness was emanating from the dining room. It was Nightmare Fuel. Who did she find […]

Writers Spotlight: Zane Bradey

After the last group of Floridians left the M3 Coffee Shoppe, Red was curious why there was still a group of zombies hanging out around the front window looking inside. She spotted Zane Bradey and knew why. With a pair of cappuccinos in hand, she sat down to talk to him about time management, psychotherapy […]

Writers Spotlight: Joel Andre

Knowing 0830 at the M3 Coffee Shoppe has sun rays stabbing the entire floor, Red was curious as to the dark spot in the center of the café. When she rounded the end of the bar and saw Joel Andre making a not-so-small group of patrons laugh. With a knowing grin, she let the crowd […]

Writers Spotlight: J.W. Bouchard

For some reason, the scary soundtrack was stuck on repeat in the M3 Coffee Shoppe. Red pulled out a large batch of baklava and went to see what was happening in the third booth. J.W. Bouchard was signing books for the early evening zombie crowd…You know, the ones who need a caffeine jolt before supper.