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Writers Spotlight: Selso Xisto

Red put out a tray of green alien cookies when she caught glimpse of a galaxy traipsing author. She grabbed a plate of aliens and some dark and sweet and headed out to the patio for a chat with Selso Xisto, before he shuttled away.

Writers Spotlight: Alexandra Heep

Alexandra Heep

Red was wiping down the counter while she waited for an order of beignets. When Claret popped them into the grill window, Red grabbed them and two mocha lattes before she headed over to another redhead out on the patio. She wondered if Alex was working on a guest post for M3 or another book […]

Writers Spotlight: Second Glance

When the order came across the headset for a pitcher of iced super sweet, Red answered, “I got this one,” knowing full well who was in the M3 Coffee Shoppe. She scanned the café floor and spotted her target easily. She was surrounded by a throng of young people with assorted tees and backpacks emblazoned […]

Writers Spotlight: Cliff Bacchus

Red took the coffee cake out of the oven and set it on the rack to cool. Out in the café, she heard men speaking in Russian. Ever curious, she rounded the corner to see Dr. Cliff Bacchus with a few friends discussing the cancer society and murder. It was time for her to find […]

Writers Spotlight: Lizzie Belle Quimby

Just before dawn, Red was unlocking the door of the M3 Coffee Shoppe. On the other side stood Lizzie Belle Quimby. Waiting for the last pots of coffee to brew was the perfect time to sit down with a cuppa and talk about late blooming, the quest for identity and attitude.