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Writers Spotlight: Joel Andre

Knowing 0830 at the M3 Coffee Shoppe has sun rays stabbing the entire floor, Red was curious as to the dark spot in the center of the café. When she rounded the end of the bar and saw Joel Andre making a not-so-small group of patrons laugh. With a knowing grin, she let the crowd […]

Writers Spotlight: Red Tash

Red was busy trying to get the last of the fogey’s cigar club out of the M3 Coffee Shoppe because she knew she had seen Red Tash over in the front booth talking with another author. She did not want to miss out on sitting down with the four time Mommy Champion to discuss This […]

Writer’s Spotlight: Alana Siegel

Bon vivant Alana Siegel has been a feature in the M3 Coffee Shoppe. Red spun her over to a table to a quieter chat about what she has been busy doing and to discuss The Charm.

Writer’s Spotlight: Roger Grubbs

Roger Grubbs is one of the founding members of the M3 Coffee Shoppe. He brings to the table more than 30 novels. Red picked his brain to find out what fuels all the suspense which escapes his fertile imagination. M3: Roger, what is the quick introduction you would give to M3 Readers? RG: Born & raised […]

Writer Spotlight: S.A. Miller

M3 is proud to feature this week a new author, from its broadcast home of Kershaw, South Carolina, S.A. Miller. One of the M3 Coffee Shoppe founding members, Miller was candid about the inspiration for his book, Stanley Stokes: The Story and the Songs God Gave Me   M3: Give the M3 readers the short, professional version […]