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Wanna shot?

Red Road Trip Bus

It is not too early for tequila.

The Reality of the Working Poor

The roots of the M3 Blog are set in a foundation of saving money. The information on the early pages of this blog are still visited daily by those seeking to put something, anything, in the kitty. For many of them, it is not the rainy day for which they are saving. They need the […]

No Theme Guest Post

When Laurie Childree asked me what the theme was for my vacation, I told her no theme. She said, “I can do that!” She is here today to talk about productivity, WIP, excuses and fear. Oh, yes. They all go hand-in-hand. Grab a cuppa.

Writer’s Spotlight: Laurie Childree

Claret was busy making strawberry and cream frappacino. Red pulled a tray of flaky croissants from the oven. She whipped some honey into the butter and set out into the M3 Coffee Shoppe in search of Laurie Childree. She knew she would be around today and wanted to sit down with her to talk about […]

Guest Post: Laurie Childree

The request for guest posts was not one I could pass up; when I learned the theme I went about writing a post, or rather starting a post. The original post has been scrapped. I was distracted by something shiny, then life interrupted to wake me to the reality of interactions.