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Decisions, decisions

Laurie Childree

Your non-spambot captain has decided to turn off the no smoking sign and allow me to hi-jack M3 for the day. She’s doing well, no alien or any other type of abduction; just a well deserved day off, if you can call it that. You realize her mind never takes a vacation, and she’s managed […]

Mail Bag

On the über-special SEP, I asked for anyone who wanted to respond or expand to step into the SIB. Since then, two people have taken the conversation and moved it along.

Freeing Flash

One of the questions I asked of my guest posters was “Why is flash freeing?” because there have been a number of authors tell me how much they adore flash once they take the plunge. Laurie answered.

Guest Post: Tess Kann

Tess, flasher elite from How the Cookie Crumbles, reached in the hat and pulled out a question. Is flash fiction here to stay? Check out her research. (A brief announcement follows the festivities.)

Guest Post: To Review… Or Not

This is another question from the guest post hat. Janet (of BuddhaKat fractaliciousness) found one which grabbed her fancy.