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Decisions, decisions

Laurie Childree

Your non-spambot captain has decided to turn off the no smoking sign and allow me to hi-jack M3 for the day. She’s doing well, no alien or any other type of abduction; just a well deserved day off, if you can call it that. You realize her mind never takes a vacation, and she’s managed […]

Freeing Flash

One of the questions I asked of my guest posters was “Why is flash freeing?” because there have been a number of authors tell me how much they adore flash once they take the plunge. Laurie answered.

Guest SEP

Prayer Trespassing Sign

This has been one of those non-stop weeks. Laurie asked to sit in the big rocker under the fan for this week’s Saturday Evening Post. Grab your cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Laurie wants to talk.

Guest Post: When I started…

When I reached out for guests posts this time, I had a theme in mind. (Quelle surprise, non?)

Do you know your place?

No Political Correctness Sign

WARNING While neither political nor religious in nature, this posting makes no attempt at political correctness. The faint of heart may wish to take their medication; the arrogant and easily offended, well, I’ll see you in the comments.